Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Finishes

Today was a serious sewing day. I guess it was the rain that triggered my finishes today. I got the final border on the Purple Kaleidoscope. I made the binding for it. I also got the backing all sewed and pressed. It is all waiting to be pin basted. Maybe tomorrow...

Through Bingo-Bonnie I signed up to make a child's quilt. I was sent a pre-cut kit and I sewed it all up today. They even include a great label. So that quilt is waiting to be pin basted too. I read the instructions and I will need to launder the quilt before I mail it away.

Here is a close-up of the fabric. This is obviously a girlie quilt. It was really easy to sew. It only took 3 hours since it was all pre-cut. My only complaint is that the border stripe was not cut correctly. The top and bottom borders should have been cut lengthwise instead of across the WOF to allow the pattern to be going all the same way. Oh well...I did the best I could with what I was given.
Still it was a fast and easy pattern. I saved all the leftovers and feel I should send them back with the finished quilt. I think I will have to find a binding fabric in my stash. They have it planned out to be pillow finished. I have never tried that technique so will make binding instead.
I will go see if I can find the link for the sign-up.......


Teri said...

Our group has talked about doing these. It turned out very cute.

bingo~bonnie said...

oh you are super fast! that is really cute girly fabric that they sent to you. I've heard that they got several requests for kits from my posting a few weeks ago :) I've read a thread topic on these on both the HGTV board and also the HeartstringsQuiltProject Yahoo group. ;)

I wish I could make up one soon - but right now I have many other things going on... but I will do it! and work on a 2nd quilt to mail back with the kit they send.

thanks for linking to me in your post and mentioning my name ;) that always makes me smile. :)

Love from Texas! ~bonnie