Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blessings and Chipmunks are awake!

Hubby suggested and I totally agreed that we wanted sashings bewteen the blocks.
Now all we/I need to do is select a border fabric to call this quilt done. I really enjoyed making these blocks. The quilt is called Blessings from the Hollow by Mary Flynn.
It is in a newest book from Kim Brackett called Scrap Basket Sensations.
The instructions were clear and consise. I am ready to tackle another pattern in the book.

Organization is the key to success to piecing. Being a control freak this helps me keep things straight. I went through all the steps at the same time for each fabric set. I double sewed all the folded corners and have a nice little basket full of 2" half square triangles. Before I knew it I was ready to assemble all the blocks.  The pattern was really a pleasure to piece.

I added this GREEN pincushion to my newest sewing machine.
The cushion hangs on the extra thread spool pin.
Sheila ( the machine's name) sewed all 26 of my guild's block swap blocks.
We went through 3 bobbins and she did not have a problem at all.
The sewing machine store owner finally called me and they are ordering the new part anyway.

I bought myself a new purse. I also bought a Laurel Burch tote bag.
I cannot believe that I forgot to snap a picture of it!

Hubby took me shopping to a new quilt store (Quilts and Friends in Roanoke, Indiana) on my BD.
The store has a "Man Cave" for the hubbies.
I spent a blissful couple hours shopping without worring about him being bored!
And the store was to die for! Even I was on sensory overload!
I ended up spending all my BD monies on fabric for daughter #2's BD quilt.
Her BD is in May and she loves Oriental.
I bought some great Oriental fabrics. I am going to do some abstract piecing with big hunks of the fabric. Then will added pieced blocks around the larger hunks. It will be like working with panels.

This is the first chipmunk I have seen this Spring.
The cats are on "high alert". They are used to the birds and the squirrels.
But these chipmunks bring out the hunting urge in even the most laid back of my kitties!

The chipmunk is there but I wanted to show you the kitties watching.
All five of them were there but I was not able ( or fast enough ) to get them in the picture.
We have had rainy weather but it is warming up.

I hate the time change.


Val said...

I love the quilt. That saw blade block looks great. I also love your new purse with the cats on it and those chipmunks look like a tasty mouthful :)

Deborah said...

Great quilt and lovely balance of the colours. I have never seen a chipmunk ... they seem so exotic here but then you probably don't see kangaroos when you go for a drive either.

Pam said...

That quilt is beautiful! Did the pattern not call for the sashing? Great touch!

Teri said...

Completely agree about the quilt store. I can't wait to go back.

gardenpat said...

I'm with you- I just love the new book!! Was so excited to get it!!! Her books could keep me busy for years!!

Karen said...

The sashings give it a slighty different look from the original but still good. Did you use fabrics from one fabric line?

Celia said...

Your "Blessings" quilt is really nice.

QuilterLaura said...

Oh, lovely quilt! I agree, the sashing really makes it great!

Nancy quiltin' momma said...

I love following your blog! I enjoy all the posts about the little critters and your quilts...of course your quilts!! Guess what? The chipmunks are out up here in Michigan too!! I saw one of ours about a week ago and I got so excited because I knew that meant that spring is really coming!! Happy Quilting and great way to spend your birthday in a quilt shop!!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

How fun for you to have a birthday shopping spree in a quilting shop! I often find that it brings me more happiness to buy for my son than myself, so I understand you buying fabric to make your DD a quilt! Glad that your machine has settled down and no more mis-behaving. Cheers! Evelyn

JCnNC said...

Yep - that one is on my list of patterns to do from that book. Love what you did with the sashings. Judy C

Helen in the UK said...

LOVE how the blocks look with your sashings. I've just got the book this is from and I'm itching to start a new project too :)

bingo~bonnie said...

you wanna know what's worse than the time change....? A week of being on Spring Break and sleeping in all week then the time change on the weekend and then BAM! Monday morning and you have to get up VERY EARLY!! My Nora has not been easy to get going this week. :(

Your quilt blocks are looking great! I too love the tiny sashing and tiny cornerstone blocks in between. Those pinwheels looks so playful! and those colors are so pretty! :)

Is this one for your bed Subee?

Happy Weekend & Love from Texas! ~bonnie

cockermom said...

Fabulous quilt, as usual! You always grab my attention!
Cats are a hoot, aren't they? We only have 2 cockers now, our kitty passed away at the ripe old age of 23! She was so stubborn, I called her Attila the honey bunny!
Happy spring to Indiana, we sure deserve it this time!

Patti said...

I'm with you, I hate the time change too. Can't sleep and have to take something to help with that. I've been following you for a while, love the cats and I have a 6600 too. I think that's how I orginally found you was through the yahoo group. Keep up the piecing.

Patchwork Penguin said...

I love the quilt!!!! I have that book now and will definitely be adding it to my list of quilts to make. The sashing really makes the blocks pop!


Sarah Martin said...

Ooo, I love that block and the fabric too! I'm not much a one for buying books anymore, but that really has some great patterns in it...I may have to make an exception!
I like the cornerstones, too.

Jo said...

Your sashing makes the quilt POP!