Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tumbling in March

Until I complete the binding handwork I will not post a picture of the Pineapple quilt.
But........Here is the label I made.

This was a leftover block. I bordered it in the backing material.
And I gave credit to the Designer
"Bonnie Hunter"
the quilter "Mary Flynn"

I couldn't resit posting this picture of my Macy.
The basket is close behind my sewing area.
She and all the other cats love this basket.
 I do not care...they are my constant companions.

 Why have I been saving this box of 2000 4" squares. I bought this in 1999. So I must have felt a urge to buy it. But have never used any of the squares. I occasionally open it and fondle the squares. Keepsake Quilting is where I bought the collection. They were even in the box in color groups. The box was numbered also. #28 of 50...guess that was how many collections they had for sale.
 Another view of my cutting area near the front door. Can you see in the upper left the green street sign? my Hubby made that for me when he was working for the County Highway. It says Subee Street.
WHOO HOOO! That is me!
 At first I was going to make three sizes of tumbler blocks. 1 1/2", 2" and 4". But after cutting and sewing the 1 1/2" tumblers, I did not like them and it was scary cutting the blocks. The 2" size is great! And of course I have complete happiness with the 4" size.
 Here are the results of a day spent cutting tumblers. I have to remove the thread from my machine whenever I stop sewing. I have a cat that watches for the thread NOT being guarded and begins to eat it off the spool. So I remove it from the spool holder. Better safe than sorry.
Some sewing has been done today. I am also boiling a chicken to make chicken and noodles. Even though it is a sunny day for a change it is still cool outside. But I did wash the front windows yesterday. Now I can see better from my chair at the sewing machine.

And about the DCQ3160 sewing machine...I have waited three days since calling the sewing machine store. They promised to call back on Monday. Today is Wednesday. Should I return the machine and get my money back?

 Aren't they cute together? 4" and 2" being assembled at the same time. I know I should be using these as Leaders and Enders. I have a couple (well a million) new quilt patterns I want to sew on. I need to be more than just one person!!!!!!
 Sewing area...sun shining in...chicken cooking and making the house smell so COZY!
I need a new little ironing board cover. I made this one and it is not looking so good.
I expected it to last longer. I have wool batting underneath. It is perfect for ironing I think.
I have this usually further away.
But today I am suffering from lower back and front hip pain.
It's a bummer getting old!

I can stop worrying...
Our Bonnie is safe and back home!


quiltfool said...

I always enjoy seeing your sewing area. Your cats are so good to hang around. Mine got locked in the sewing room at different times when they were younger and spent the day in there. Now, they don't go near it, even when I'm there and the door is open. Enjoy the tumblers. I must have missed a post about a new machine, so I'll go look for that one. Lane

Melinda said...

I have the same box of squares. I asked for it for Christmas and my wonderful dh got it for me (even if he just shrugged with dismay when I giggled with glee when I opened it). :) I started a millennium quilt with.....The key word being "started". Maybe it will make next year's UFO Challenge list. LOL

regan said...

Can't wait to see the pineapple quilt's so beautiful! And a very nice label, too!

I'm sure it must have been washing the windows that gave you back and hip pain....housework ALWAYS does that! lol

Kitty looks so cozy in the that!

Glad Bonnie made it home safe! She's posted some really great pics of quilt and the scenery, and the food looked to die for!

JCnNC said...

I, too, felt relief once Bonnie was back in America. The world we live in is a scary place sometimes and I personally have no desire to travel to Europe. Too much of American yet to see.

The tumblers are going to be so nice for your quilt. Hope the machine problems right themselves soon. Spring is "" here in NC and I think I will just go wash the window in front of my machine. Thanks for the inspiration Subee. Judy C in NC

pcflamingo said...

Had to laugh at the story about your cat eating the thread. I have to hide my pin cushion in a drawer or else my cat pulls the pins out one by one. Don't know what the fascination is with that. I really like the tumbler quilt....I have some possibilities in mind from my stash.

Bonnie K Hunter said...

Thank you for the worrying! It worked!! It made me smile so big that you even posted it on your are a sweetheart Subee and I love ya to pieces!


Idaho Quilter said...

I would stay on them about the sewing machine, there must be something wrong. I have never heard of the problems you had. I always enjoy your post, you are so productive, you inspire me.