Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blessings from the Hollow completed

My Blessings from the Hollow is complete. I did alter the pattern a bit to make it my own. And with my TALL Hubby's help I have an outside picture of the quilt.

I love these colors.
I bought the border fabric at a LQS.
It matches in color and theme perfectly.
But the sad part is this newer LQS is closing in April.
One of our rare sunny and warm March days. The daylight shows the colors so precisely! But there was a bit of a breeze! But then it is March!

 My big board that was made by a great guy in the Tool Room at work. He was making his wife and another Millwright's wife one of these boards and surprized me with one too! I sure do miss those great Millwrights. But I do not miss work! I have been lazy and had left two layers of old covers on the board. This time I patiently removed all the old layers and added:
 ....Navy Pintuck heavy duty material. I had bought an entire bolt when I first was setting up my quilt frame. I used this to make my leaders for the poles. Now I have some nice straight lines for pressing. And I hope this material holds up better than the sheets I had been using. The sheets worked fine but after a few months of heavy pressing the fabric started to get brittle.

And this was my own creation. Now granted it is not exactly precise. But when "rough" measuring a length of fabric, it works great! I just lay a ruler down and make the marks. My big board variation is larger than the Big Board that came out years ago. Mine is 24" X 66".


regan said...

The quilt came out great! Love it! And the border fabric is perfect for it.

Love that big board, too! Wow! And you are so smart for covering it with the ticking...AND marking a ruler on the side! Genius!

JCnNC said...

This pattern is definitely on my list to do after seeing yours and Mary's quilts. Love the new board cover and adding the ruler was great thinking. Judy C

Linda said...


I love my big board. It's great!

Smiley Quilter said...

Love the colors in that quilt.It is great.
So glad you mentioned your big board cover-mine is waiting for a new cover and I couldn't decide what to use.
I was cleaning out a tub earlier this evening and found some interesting feedsack type fabric with really cute seed packets allover and wondered what to use it for as i really don't want to cut it up. When you showed your new cover it was a light bulb moment and now I know what I want to do now.Thanks.

Quilt Hollow said...

How sweet to see your Blessings from the Hollow all finished up! Well done!

Helen in the UK said...

The quilt is brilliant. That border fabric was perfect. Congrats on a great finish :)

Kathie said...

wow this board is great thanks for the tip on using a heavier fabric my big board needs to be replaced and I refuse to pay what they want for a new cover!
I will make my own! will go shopping for a heavier fabric.

beautiful quilt, nice finish