Monday, March 7, 2011

Yo-Yo's for a quilter friend

A fellow guild member is in the hospital after emergency back surgery. One of our clever members asked all of us to bring in yo-yo's to tonight's meeting to donate. They will then be made in to a garland to decorate her hospital room. She does not wish for company. Oh how I can relate to that request. I need quiet to heal also! I made 28 yo-yo's. The problem is all my scraps are real small. And the best size for me uses 4 1/2" hunks of fabric. I tried a couple smaller ones but I was not happy with them.
My first block from Scrap Basket Sensations by Kim Brackett.
I loved the process and decided to cut in to some reproduction fabric for this quilt!

Here is a slightly blury picture of the quilt.
The quilt was made by Mary Flynn of Quilt Hollow.
The name of the pattern is "Blessings From the Hollow".
Too cute!

Sample block again....where did that come from? HA!
Only need to make 4 more blocks.
The sample block is up there but it seems to be playing nicely with the others.
I will take the extra block and slap it on the backside as a label!
Hubby does not like the middle block in the top row.
He says it is too busy.
That may be the block for the back side.
But I like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Joanne said...

I really like the Blessing From the Hollow! It looks wonderful. Darn it, I think I have to have the book so I can make this quilt.

imagrandma2five said...

Love your quilt and I like the second block in the first row also. As soon as the state gets finished putting in the new US 24 I would like to come visit your group. Right now I don't like to drive home after dark with all the semis on the road.

Linda said...

Blocks are beautiful! Love that quilt!!

JCnNC said...

I also like the second block, top row. It is the strip-looking fabric I like. That is going to be a very nice quilt. Judy C

Judy D said...

What a sweet thing to do for your friend. I agree about quiet healing. Isn't that book fabulous! I think I want to make every quilt.

regan said...

I love this quilt....including the 2nd block....maybe hubby will like it better when there are others that might take some of the 'pop' from it. My hubby tends to like the quilts that are either all quiet, or all riot! No in-betweens for him!

Hope the yo-yo banner helps the healing she able to do any piecing while recuperating? Maybe some extra circles for yo-yos so she can just sew might help.

Helen in the UK said...

The block is lovely. I think I can see where your DH is coming from, but you need to view the picture bigger. I think the print on the neutral fabric fights a little with the main fabric. But remember ... it's your quilt and you can do whatever pleases you!! Makes me want to start a new project, but I must finish some others first :)

Quilt Hollow said...

How fun to see your working on Blessing from the Hollow! (my quilt) LOL

Quilter Kathy said...

I LOVE all your blocks! I also like the balance of your colours and think you should leave it exactly as it is :)

QuilterBee said...

I LOVE how you made a pineapple block for the label!!! That detail is great ;o) I was in class with Bonnie last week and had the best time ever!! Amie in Tn.

ytsmom said...

I love your version of Blessings from the Hollow! It really pops!!