Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A "DUH!" moment...

I have 72 4 1/2" neutral string blocks made. I decided to just cut the remainder papers needed so I would "know" when I was done. But who wants to count phonebook pages? Then I had a "duh!" moment...the pages are numbered! WHOOOHOOO! I ended up using every single page in that phone book. I have 10 extra pages left over. How satisfying to have an empty phonebook cover!

Have any of you ever used an entire phonebook up? I am sure Bonnie has. Hummmm.....makes me wonder if she ever takes pages from phonebooks in her motel rooms. HA! We will have to ask her!!!!!

The fabric in the background is scraps waiting to become strings and corner triangles.
 A few hours later and I have:

 A bagillion strings and corner finishing triangles cut and another BIG stack of 2 1/2" strips cut for the HST in Jamestown Landing. I still need to use the Easy Angle on those strips. But right now I am in string piecing mode. These 4 1/2" string blocks finish so fast compared to the 8 1/2" neutral string blocks I made over 200+ of! I made 36 yesterday. All trimmed and the paper torn off!
 Tomorrow I need to grocery shop then will spend the rest of the day sewing! WHOOOHOOOO!
We have been getting small tomatoes and cherry tomatoes for weeks now. We are finally getting the large meaty ones. Oh they taste soooo good. I told DH that he needs to write down what kind they are and buy them again. Despite the terrible heat and NO RAIN for the last month the tomatoes are doing fine. DH keeps them watered and they do not get the hot afternoon sun.


Sarah said...

Subee you have been very industrious - I wish I enjoyed string blocks as much as you do. Enjoy the 'maters - they look scrumptious. I'm picturing BLT's and caprese salad!

Janet O. said...

Wow, what a producer of string blocks! I'm with Sarah--it often takes a good, swift kick to get me to sit down to produce more than one or two string blocks at a time. : )

Elaine Adair said...

Oh Sue, I never thought of that either, and I've used many pages, counting each time! LOL Brilliant idea. Thanks!

Melodie said...

I am wanting to do Jamestown landing too, but I think I will just make 9" string blocks and cut them in fourths to get the 4 1/2" blocks. I get about a dozen phone books per year, if Bonnie gets anywhere near as many as I do, even SHE couldn't use them all up.

dakotaessence said...

You're stash of neutrals makes me VERY jealous. When you cut strings from yardage do you have a particular way/system or size string(s) you cut?