Thursday, August 25, 2011

Paper Piecing butterfly blocks

 I am still working on the Butterfly quilt. I have replaced nearly all the sashings and border fabrics. I did this by stitching fabric directly over the old fabric. The quilt already was heavy. (111X103) It is a big quilt. Now with double the fabric it is HUMOGEOUS! Or at least feels like it as I wrestle it through the machine.
I am also adding lots more quilting. I had hand quilted this quilt and left lots of bare areas. The hand quilting is still strong. But I will be adding much more quilting to keep it lasting another 10+ years!
 I love my Janome6600P. I work it to death and it has never failed me. I have considered the new Horizon 7700. But the chatter about weird glitches on this new machine has made me wait.
 I have been digging through some very old fabric. I found all the butterfly fabric that I used in the original quilt. I did have to buy a couple yards from my favorite E-Bay seller: Morningdove. Her shipping prices are the best around and she ships so fast. I swear she must make a late night run to the post office when I order. 2 days tops and I have my purchase!
 All new borders in Kona Snow and all new sashings sewn down.  Today I cut off the old was shredded and thread worn. I added new binding and am now ready to tackle the embroidered  blocks. I may hand quilt them. Just so I can cuddle under this quilt one more time! 
Look at this beautiful bunch of swap fabrics!
This is just one swappers contribution.


Christine said...

looks like a big job, but well worth it....

Janet O. said...

Too many of those butterfly fabrics look familiar from years gone by. I can't believe you still have that much left on hand.
I love the butterfly border. Those are beautiful.
You are really giving this quilt a loving makeover. I hope it appreciates all of the attention and gives you many more years of service!

Cheryl Willis said...

beautiful quilt, I have scraps of many of those prints! congrats on getting it back into usable shape- sleep well my friend- cw

Melodie said...

I've ordered from Morningdove on ebay too! She does give great service. The quilt looks great!