Monday, August 1, 2011

Grandma's Bricks & Stepping Stones

Grandma Iole's shirts have produced another quilt. I harvested enough "bricks" to make Bonnie Hunter's Bricks and Stepping Stones pattern on
It is one of her free patterns. She is the most generous designer!

 I still need to decide on border fabric. I will leave it up on the wall for awhile.
Everyone has been complaining that I have had nothing on my design wall for weeks.
That is so true. I have been making pet beds. I plan on listing them on E-Bay soon.
My Floribunda is now my sewing chair cover.  I get to touch it everyday! WHOOHOOO! Those are all my 4-patches for the B&SS. I watched the Brickyard 400 and make all the units!

This is the cat bed I mailed to Bonnie last week. She said she got it but has not said if Chloe or Emmy Lou like it. I can barely get a bed through the machine before the kitties are trying to test drive them!
 I have gone through four 5# boxes of polyester batting. I used up every single piece of leftover batting that I have been saving. I also made a severe dent in my fleece supply too. The fabrics above are from the "Kitty City" line. I have a bolt of each of these fabrics. I will not be able to use them in my next life. I need to use them up NOW! And that meant crawling around in the attic above my cutting room.
It is HOT up there!
 One super special and LARGE dog bed for my DD Lisa's precious dog. She asked for one for her neighbor who has been so nice to GD Arika during her recovery from losing her father. Lisa loved the bed so much I made her one too. I channel quilted the bottom layer. There are 3 layers of batting, a cotton backing and white fleece. My Janome 6600P just performed like a champ. She never bogged down. I did this all without marking...just eyeballed it!
 This bed is 93" in circumfrence. I do not want to make too many of these unless I can get my money's worth back. The beds are totally machine wash and dry. They are so comfy!
 Just ask MaggieMae. She is so much happier without all that fur. She got her Lion Cut last Thursday. The groomer says she is an angel. I am so glad. I do not want to stress either of them! HA!
Macy trying out a STACK of beds. See what I mean? They test drive them all unless I get them in to the plastic bags as soon as I get them done!
Baby is in the bed and Bess is on the wood. They are half sisters. (same feral mother) Baby is short haired and Bess is long haired. Their marks are all mirror imaged too. Says something for genetics!

 I decided to just straight line quilt this little beauty and mounted it on the wall at the doorway. Once the air gets shut off the passerbys will be able to see the quilt. Just 9-patches and hourglass blocks. So simple!
 I have started my Cheddar Bow Ties. My goal is to not repeat any fabric.
I will now use them as Leaders and Enders. But I could not resist making just a few to see if I liked the process and the color. Cheddar is brand new to my stash. But I did buy 8+ yards. Anyone need some????


Janet O. said...

What a fun post! I love the quilt on the design wall, the one on the sewing chair and the one on the plain wall. They are all great looking, and I have the 9-patch and hourglass on my bucket list. I have since added the bricks and stepping stones.
The pet beds look so comfy--can't believe you eyeball the grid! Too bad i don't have a pet.
Your bow ties are looking good--eight yards of cheddar? Did you buy with something in mind--like a dozen bow tie quilts? : )

Linda said...

You have been so busy!!! Love the kitty beds! :-) Those blocks are fabulous. Love that cheddar on them!! Gorgeous quilts too!

Cottage Tails said...

I know of some cats that would sure enjoy those beds!
Love Leanne

Bonnie K Hunter said...

Applause on the bricks and stepping stones! It looks great in the pastels!

And yes, Emmy Lou LOVES the pet bed! It's on the guestroom bed upstairs, and I often go up there to find her ruling her domain from it's soft spot! Thank you again for sending it to me!


Teri said...

Glad to see you posted. Love the beds. It looks like you are busy once again. Where did you find the great cheddar?

qltmom9 said...

Oh, what FUN!
That all is so pleasant.
Your cheddar bowties are ADORABLE. I had 2 yards of hot pink I cut into 2" squares and have been doing them into bowties. I had NO cheddar! I hope I get enough for a sweet little quilt with the hot pink. I LOVE making them too.~


regan said...

Holy cow, you've been busy! I love that 9-patch quilt....beautiful! And all those pet beds are great! And I need to start on my cheddar bowtie, too....yours looks so good!

qltmom9 said...

I keep coming back to look at your bricks and stepping stones...GORGEOUS~
I would like to do that in some vibrant colored shirts I've been saving. I wish I'd saved my hot pink for the 4 patches...probably not enough anyhow.


Kim said...

Wow you are a little factory! Somebodies pets are gonna get spoiled.

So tell me about the cheddar...brand and the color the manufacture call it
I'm having a time finding the "right" color.

Thanks Subee,
Happy Sewing

pcflamingo said...

Oh my dear Lord. I have all of Bonnie's books, and of course 3 large tubs of salvaged men's shirts from the Goodwill (one for reds, one for blues and one for white and neutral). I have made a couple of the bricks & stepping stones quilts already, and now I see I should make one with the shirt fabrics!

Helen in the UK said...

Love the bricks quilt, so soft :)

Wonky Girl said...

Do you have enough different fabrics to make each bow tie different? Give me a holler if you need some different scraps. I'd be glad to share some from my stash.

Angie said...

I LOVE them all!! I want to make one of EACH! :) And I'm wondering if one of your pet beds would be big enough for my weinie-mix dog. She curls up in a little ball when she sleeps so it wouldn't have to be so very big. While we are talking purchases, would you be interested in selling me a pet bed AND a yard of Cheddar? You know, I don't think I have ANY Cheddar. I'm kinda late to the Repro party. :/ Hugs, Angie