Saturday, January 21, 2012

Birds in the Air units. Pinks VS Neutrals? I like the pink ones better than the neutral ones? I made 100 of each and still have not made a dent in my bonus triangle collection.

I am thinking I like the pink ones better. But I will never know until I get some of those little Ohio stars made. I had some sliver trimming to do last night and now am ready to make some gray stars.

 I received my newest book from Judy Laquidara.
Talk about Border Options!
Great book Judy!

My MaggieMae just loves Nat Geo and Nat Geo Wild TV channels. And last night Macy was watching Bug Wars with fascination. I just wonder what goes through their furry little minds. And I also wonder what they dream about. Their little feet twitch and their mouths move. Eating birdies?

My newest collection start. Stripes! I think they will make great binding options.

And yes, I have fabric stacked EVERYWHERE!


JCnNC said...

I am waiting patiently (NOT) for my book from Judy L. All the reviews so far have been excellent. Love your stripe collection, one of my favorites. Judy C

Janet O. said...

You crack me up!! Most of us struggle just to get the minimum number of "birds in the air" units for one quilt. You have that finished and are making multiple sets to play with color options. How cool is that!!
I love stripes for bindings, but I also love how well they replace string blocks in Bonnie's quilt patterns (I know, you LOVE making string blocks). You are a stitching machine, woman!!

Mavis said...

Subee, I love both of them and I totally agree with Janet - you are a stitchin' machine!! Can hardly wait to see Orca #2 with the new colorway.

Vic in NH said...

I had to laugh WITH you when you admitted to stacks of fabric everywhere. In my living room, the nice guest-chair wingback is buried in stacks of all prewashed fabric! LOL! I SO understand you.