Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My worst enemy is ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I get ahead of myself...then I drag myself down.

I do not remember which clue the 3 1/2" string blocks were. And I love making string blocks.

So today I was up early planning on getting the entire Orca Bay quilt assembled. I was chugging along. Everything is fitting and I have the assembly clear in my brain. But for some reason I was short of the blue string blocks. Hummmmm...what is up???
I open the PENCIL BOX that has the gray string blocks and had originally housed the blue strings. And there I solved my problem. I had a post it note attached to the lid showing I had only made 48 blocks NOT the required 72. ( and only 36 of the gray are made ) I know why the blocks are short. But then I am wondering why I did not make the required amount. Thinking back to the early days of the Orca Bay Mystery were also the days of my DH's kidney surgery. I must have thought to make a much smaller quilt than the original size. Less pressure on me at the time I guess. I did have the papers already cut though! HA!

 So here they are...all done and trimmed. Just need to remove the papers.
But having to stop and make string blocks stopped my assembly buzzzzzzzzzzzz....

The basket still had all the blue strings and the cut papers. Oh needle was getting dull anyway. I used it up making some more string blocks. I always clean the lint after every two bobbins. And using black thread makes a black "mist" in the machine. If you keep your machine clean it works so much better. I usually take the Janome 6600P in twice a year for some R&R. But it has been over a year since I have taken it to the shop. I am afraid if I go there I will come home with a new sewing machine. HA! They love me there!


Sarah said...

Maybe this was your subconscious planning ahead for you to take a step back from assembly? The blocks look great!

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

OH man, I know how that feels to be in the mood, got the mojo flowing and then boom. Something stops you in the middle before you can finish. I hope tomorrow you have the same mojo to finish what you started today.

pcflamingo said...

If I stop in the middle of making the blocks because "I will come back and do the rest after XYZ" I better by golly write that down. Otherwise, when I come back to it, I will be completely at a loss and think I have lost my mind.

Janet O. said...

You are too organized for even yourself!
You are such a string block making machine. I don't think I will ever be there. Took a class once on crumbs and strings. Never got the hang of the crumbs, finished one string project and the other has been in a box for a few years. I thoroughly love the look, just can't get a feel for the process. Lucky you, to make such cool string block projects and enjoy the process!

qltmom9 said...

OH, I *HATE* those notes in my handwriting someone keeps leaving me! ARGH!


Kate said...

you are just too funny, Subee... Kate

Connie said...

I understand what you're talking about! I dug out my RRCB from last year and decided to put it together and came up 2 rows short....hmmmm. Have fun!