Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Quilt Guild's Mystery

I am also working on another Mystery quilt being run by a member of my quilt guild.
The designer is Marti Mitchell who also has all those blunt cornered templates. I happened to have the "Peaky and Spike" templates and those were needed for another part of this mystery. I know I bought them many many years ago because of a TV quilt show I had watched.

 I was so reluctant to even start this mystery because it did look very complicated. And also I wanted to devote all my sewing time to Our Bonnie's Orca Bay Mystery. But that one is done now so.....

 The best way to overcome reluctance is to use fabric you LOVE! I have been saving these salmon pink and brown fabrics for my next life I guess. So I dived in and I am loving the piecing experience.

 But these blocks are so big...15 1/2"!!! Compared to what I usually sew on these feel like tanks. But what was really neat (and I do not have a separate picture of them) is that there are "Birds in the Air" units in this block.
My mind is thinking...ok I have the 100 border units done in pinks for my second Orca Bay quilt. And I still have a bagillion more HST in pinks. I could make some of these larger blocks in my more favorite size! And maybe the Orca Bay in pink/gray will actually become a different quilt but using Our Bonnie's units. I was also thinking that I could do two borders of those cute units. I am thinking this is how Our Bonnie Hunter works. She makes lots of units and when she gets a decent amount she designs a quilt with them. There is a method to her madness!!!

So this is clue#3 that I received last night. Fun little units and the block is a variation of a Corn and Beans block. Marti Mitchell calls it a Bean Counter Star. OK...cute name.

Still saving my dog ears...took a container full of sewn units last night to the meeting and got all the ears trimmed with plenty of time leftover for visiting. And of course laughed at for saving them.

None of these pinks made it into my Scrap User System. I do not want to not have enough for this quilt if I go harvesting. I still have lots of variety going on. And when this one gets done I will then work them into my Scrap User System.


Karen said...

Oh, all those pinks. I went to the local quilt shop the other day looking for pinks. I ended up with only one fat quarter of pink. I don't know if I was being too picky or what.

Janet O. said...

I love the salmon pink and brown together! And that is a nice block design. My mind is boggled by all you get done.

Rose Marie said...

I love your blog .... you have such wonderful quilts and gazillion tips to share and there is no one out there in blogland who is better organized than you!