Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pinks found...well they were NOT lost...really!

I am a pink color lover. To me it is the most perfect color in the world. And I also wear a lot of pink. Pink looks good with my gray hair and blue eyes. I seem to sew with the colors I do wear.

How about you all?

 These HST were saved from two pink Smokey Mountain Star quilts I had made in 2009. I double sewed the corner triangles and saved them all. I dated the container...11-26-2009!!!!

I so enjoyed making those "Birds in the Air" border units from Our Bonnie Hunter's Orca Bay Mystery. I knew I had these lovely units and set about cutting HST to add to these pinks!

 I cannot believe how fast these units are made. I do not want to make too many because I have lots more fabric to cut. I want a good variety in these.

 I went through and straightened my drawers of strips into color groups as Our Bonnie did hers. I have lots of pink 2 1/2" strips....
 More found units. But these are not pressed and trimmed yet. But they are pinks and creams too! But I do not remember what quilt I made that these units were sewn from.

 I dragged all this from under the quilt frame. These have not seen the light of day for a very long time.
 I was in a pink 2 1/2" swap last year. I found them! They have not been rotated into my cut HST yet. They also need a good pressing before I cut. I plan on cutting a square from each one...then using the Easy Angle ruler I will cut HST in the 2 1/2" size...not needed right now but why not cut them now as opposed to later??
Then I will cut a pair of 2" HST from them too. I did a few to see if the system was workable...of course it is.
But DH gets lonely when I am in the cutting room. And the cats complain at the door. My cats do not like closed doors. They must think they are missing something.
Leftovers from GD's birthday quilt last year. All pinks...but nothing is precut in this container. I will set it aside and get in there later.
 I have been very lucky in ways I can store my fabrics. My dear departed father-in-law gifted me with these two LARGE metal pattern drawer units. They are the kind that hold patterns in stores.
Did I want them???
Of course...
I rearranged the whole room in order to get them in.
They take up a lot of room but they also hold so much.

So this is the pink drawer. Plus I have a set of Fossile Fern FQ's there in the center. I must use them for something soon. They keep calling to me "Use me!" everytime I open this drawer.

 Here are some grays and pink 2" HST cut. Yes, more containers. These hold this 2" size so nicely and they also then fit inside a larger plastic container.

 Lots more HST not pressed or trimmed. Looks like a good TV watching project.
 I also store pressed FQ's on hangers. This is so handy and easy to harvest fabric strips from them without removing the hanger at all.

 Pretty pinks!
 See? Hanger is still on. There are 25 fabrics on this hanger. I just cut 12 or 13 layers at a time.
 I know that sounds like a deep layer. But with a fresh blade and good control of the rulers I always do many layers at a time.
 Remember when Our Bonnie posted making all that red string Piano Key Border? I had to try it. So I did just a couple pages and look what I acheived in just sampling that technique! Only a sample...

I like these little hinged boxes. They are deep and hold 2" units. They also fit inside larger plastic containers with ease.
I know, containers in containers in containers in containers...remember?... OCD me!
I should really start buying stock in plastic containers!


Stacey said...

Hi Subee, I too so enjoyed making those "Birds in The Air" blocks. I just have to make another quilt with them too. What are you planning on doing with yours? I always enjoy looking at your blog. You are a busy busy lady. Love it!

Kathleen said...

Oh my, looking at all that fabric makes my head spin!!!!! Love your Orca Bay quilt. I'm just now starting mine.

JCnNC said...

Maybe another pink swap, Subee. When I worked at a quilt store, the owner said that I usually shopped for me according to what clothes I was wearing on that day. There is some truth to it. Thanks for becoming a follower. Judy C

rubyslipperz said...

Lots of fun pictures and projects...great gift of metal drawers too.

One thing...yep...YOU DO LUV PINK!
Blue is my favorite color...but, pink is a very nice color that like to play nicely with blue =)


MandaBurms said...

oh wow what a selection of pinks.
I'm working with pinks today - making a baby girls quilt.

Pati said...

I love containers too! My DH says that I'm obsessed with containers. I loved seeing your Orca Bay. Mine is still in progress.

My favorite color is purple and I always try to have some purple in each quilt that I make. Even if it is just a small flower or object in a shade of purple on a white background that I use as a background fabric.

Kate said...

unbelievable. Every glimpse you give us of your fabric world is more intriguing!!! wow

sally said...

I always enjoy your blog Suebee. I don't know how you do all you do! How neat that you have the fat quarters on a hanger, and cut several layers at one time while still on the hanger. Cool! I'll have to try that. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

Sarah Martin said...

Hangars!!! Brilliant! Look how easy it is to cut off the strips! OMG!
Thanks for that AHA moment, Subee! Also for the right name to those units I keep calling them Wing Units.
Birds in the Air, much better!

Janet O. said...

I do believe you have more pink fabric than I have in all colors put together. : )

Andra Gayle said...

I LOVE that hanger idea! I may have to copy that one for sure!

domyR974 said...

what a good idea to cut all these strips !! I'll try ! thank you to share this explanation with us !!!

domyR974 said...

thank your for this explanation and to share it with us ! I'll try this method one day !!! wonderful to cut strips quickly !!!! thanks +++

domyR974 said...

thank your for this explanation and to share it with us ! I'll try this method one day !!! wonderful to cut strips quickly !!!! thanks +++

Vic in NH said...

You have a "Plethora of Pinks!" and they are so pretty with the steely greys.

Sonia F said...

Love your blog. I drool over your fabrics. My wish for this year is that I coulbe be somewhat organize since I also collect storage boxes.

Helen in the UK said...

I'm so impressed (and a little envious) of both your stash and your storeage! Love how you store those pressed FQs - brilliant. No wonder you get so much done so quickly :)