Sunday, June 3, 2012

The freedom of designing your own creation!

I had a designing moment in the middle of sewing the huge Log Cabin quilt. Since I needed to make 29 more dark/light blocks before continuing I decided to make a few 4" Log Cabin between them. As a result I created two real small quilt tops.

I had these leftover cat border units from a pillow top fabric from eons ago. It fit this little Log Cabin top perfectly. Well...after I added some spacer strips to it. The selvages on the stripe fabric will get cut off. And I made 4 little brown string blocks for the corner. I love string blocks!!!
Do you all know that Our Bonnie Hunter of has another great book coming out in July 2012? It is called String Fling. Right up my alley!!!!
I pre-ordered it already and I advise you all to do the same!!!

 I have not decided on a border yet for this little mini. I have been watching the Harry Potter DVD's as I have been sewing. Somehow I need to link that memory to these little minis. They will be for my precious kitties to use of course!!!

 Here is my diagram for the big Log Cabin quilt. I have to credit Edyta Sitar for the coloring of my blocks. It seems I have been collecting all her colors most of my quilting life!!!!
I am checking off each unit as I make them. It is gonna be a long haul. I will never be able to quilt this one on my own. I will have to have Lisa Olinger (my long armer) quilt this giant. And I will also have to piece the batting for the length.
Sigh! But the result will be fantastic!!!

 I bought all the stuff to make my own stiletto. But did find my porcupine quill stiletto from my dress making days. It works great!!!! I cannot imagine what this creature would look like closeup with these heavy quills!!!!

 One of my Mom's bowls that I use for small pieces. That way she is sewing with me even though she has passed away. I have the little 1" Log Cabin centers in the bowl.

 And here they are stretching across the sewing table. I cannot imagine ever sewing in the cramped sewing room I used to use. This table has spoiled me. It is the small Quilters' Dream table. It is on wheels and very easy to move around.

 My Macy Gray loves to watch her world upside down. She has it so rough!!!!

 And every time I get up from the sewing machine for a stretch Bess plops herself down on my chair. I am thinking it is the kitty version of Our Bonnie Hunter's Florabunda that she loves.

And MaggieMae's fur is growing out sooooo fast. I must schedule a cut for her soon BEFORE she begins to tangle. Getting an appointment at the groomers is worse than getting a doctor's appointment. She is a good groomer and is booked out a long way!!!! Maybe she could fix my own haircut I tried to do......


Vic in NH said...

What fun to see all your wonderful progress in those luscious pinks and browns!

Gail said...

Hi There
I'm curious to know why you shear/groom your cat, rather than just cutting out the knots. I'm thinking it must be a very frightening experience for her. I understand that cats have a "built in cooling system" that allows them to keep cool under all their fur in hot weather climates.

SubeeSews said...

MaggieMae loves being free of her long heavy hair.Her tongue would get stuck to her chest hairs!!!! It only takes 30 minutes at the groomers. She is a very well cared for and loved kitty!!!

Kate said...

We used to shave our kitty, too. His coat was always dirty Dow deep, and he loved being groomed. After one trip to the groomers we bought the clippers and did it ourselves, sitting on the bathroom floor giving lots of pets and treats. Afterward he would roll and roll, scratching and cleaning so happily. I was amazed.

Janet O. said...

Very cute little minis you created!
Were you planning on making one of those beaded stilettos? They are so pretty.
Have you ever tried to hint to the kitties that they are not in charge of the sewing room--or would that news be too tough for them to take? : )