Thursday, June 14, 2012

String Fling- beginnings

What do you do when you are in a sewing mood and the Log Cabin blocks are all made but you do NOT feel like making those bigger units up? And your wonderful Organ Titanium needle that lasts and lasts is just beginning to get dull???
Why you just start sewing up some string blocks. The size does not matter to me at this moment.

 MaggieMae in her customary spot and I begin making some green string blocks. I put a couple through at a time and then switch out the strings and add a couple more. This keeps the variety going and making more than one block at a time is much more efficient!!!

 I decided on green string blocks because I knew I had a small container with just green strings in it from cutting for the green 2 1/2" strip swap over at Quiltvilleswap on the Yahoo group. I also grabbed a couple baggies with full size strips in them to cut the corner pieces. At least when I get that far...

 I cut up an entire phone book into 8 1/2" square foundation sheets.

This stack gets me almost as excited as a stack of fabrics waiting to be sewn.
I know, I am a cheap date and easily thrilled. Simple minded and happy.
I am also saving the receipt papers from the Post Office when I mail the swaps out. They are 3" wide and several feet long when I am done at the counter. That way I can use up the shorter strips too for a piano key type unit.

 And as I was digging for the green strings I unearthed my massive collection of strings. All by color of course...they do not fit in that big container. At least not while they are in their baggies. I may have to remove the baggies and just make piles in the container...someday. But right now I am sewing!!!
 This was Monday's delivery loot. I have a new Postman. He is happy and knowledgeable about quilting!!! Today he brought five more packages and I gave him a BIG slice of freshly baked banana/cranberry bread.
I want to keep this guy happy!!!!! 
I hope he is our new regular Postman now.

And here are my purples all cut and bagged up. I am just waiting for a few more packages and I can begin the swapping out. We have 20 swappers this time. What a great variety of purples are just waiting to be dug in to!!!!

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regan said...

I get a little giddy, too, when I have a stack of papers for paper piecing. It looks unreal to see it all stacked up, and know that I will whittle away at it until they are gone! Always a little thrill when I am grabbing for the last one of the stack! lol Yep....easily pleased here, too!