Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A gift of scraps from Alaska

My newest best friend, Diane,who lives in Alaska, sent me this box of scraps. She is moving and could not make room for the scraps.
The new Happy Postman brought the box to my door and set it inside for me. "It is heavy" he says to me! I say it is all fabric scraps. He just chuckles and walks out.

 I could not resist opening the box even though I was only midway through my next set of 10 brown string blocks. Then I think, I just grab some browns out and continue sewing.

 Well, that did not happen because I could not stop. I did start sorting while sitting on the floor but my body began protesting. So DH moved the box out to the dining room table and here below is the result of just a couple hours sorting!

Lots of blues
Lots of greens
Lots of blacks
Lots of children prints
Some yellows
Some reds
Some pinks
Some purples
Some neutrals
Some browns
Some golds
Some florals
I hope she doesn't want them back now that they are sorted! HA! And these are not tiny pieces. I guess you can call them scraps but BIG HUNKS would describe them better. I cannot thank Diane enough for this bonus addition for my string blocks. It is going to take me MONTHS to translate these into blocks.

And some sad news. My spool of brown So Fine has been emptied. 3,280 yards all used up. Sigh! That means I get to open the plastic on my new favorite brown So Fine thread called "Cat Tail". WHoooHOOO!
3,280 more yards to sew with!!!!!


Vic in NH said...

What fun! This was like Christmas on the Eve of the Summer Solstice. You did a splendid job of sorting the scraps. Now that you know what's there, you be itching to use them in such pretty ways!

pcflamingo said...

That was like the Clown Car of fabric scraps! How could all of that fit in there? What a wonderful assortment - I wouldn't have been able to resist digging in to see what was in there, either.

Valerie said...

Oh how nice - you are a lucky one! Look at all those goodies...scraps from a friend is the best...little bits of "possibilities" you never had before!

Janet O. said...

What a fun package for you! And what a surprise (NOT) that you immediately have them so organized. : )

Cottage Tails said...

OOh I have never seen a bobbin box like that before it looks wonderful!

You have been busy with your strings whoop whoop
Love Leanne