Saturday, June 16, 2012

String Fling-Day2

After two days of sewing I have 15 green string blocks and 10 yellow string blocks. I squared them down to 8 1/2". And I have used up all my green and yellow strings. Zero inventory on these two color of strings.

 All cleaned up and now packed safely in plastic. I have the count on a slip of paper on the back of the baggies. They will go into a hopper for future use.

 Here is the beginnings of day #2 with yellow strings. I feel I have such good results sewing strings because of my prep work. I get no cupping or waving of the blocks. I feel this is because I stretch and press the strips BEFORE any sewing gets done. The end result does not need any pressing before squaring up.

 My sewing gets MaggieMae's approval of course. It does not matter that she was sleeping most of the day and only woke up for the cleanup.

 My used needle is still going strong despite all the paper sewing. But paper sewing does generate lint. I usually clean the lint every two full bobbins. But I was using up partial bobbins too.
See the little stubby screwdriver? I just love this little tool. It has a nice solid tip and is short enough to fit in every place I need it. Some of my guild members tried it at the retreat this April. They liked it so much that they bought some as favors for the June picnic. I bought mine from Clotilde.  (  Item#518843

So after one solid day I sewing I cleaned the bobbin area. There was not very much lint. But the machine really "sounds" happier with any lint removal I do.


Brown Dirt Cottage said...

Woo Hoo....look at you....Mzzzz
productive and all!! HA! I just LOVE strips/strings on paper!!! Yours look soooo pristine!!!

scraphappy said...

Great string block collection. There is something so much more satisfying about a stack of neatly trimmed blocks than a bin on random strings. Order out of chaos. What could be better?

Janet O. said...

How do you find time to do it all?
String blocks just for the fun of it--what a concept! : )

Vic in NH said...

You are inspiring me to drag out my string blocks and put them together to complete a quilt top. Your yellows and greens are lovely!