Saturday, October 27, 2012

290 blocks should be enough!

OKAY...I see I have the wrong date on my slip of paper. But I was blown away when I did a final count on the Roman stripe blocks. 290 of these beauties!!! I must have forgotten to double the quantities when I cut them in half.
I hang my head in shame. But they are all pinned into groups of ten per Our Bonnie Hunter. I will decide what I am making with them some time in the future.

My Log Cabin quilt came home yesterday. Lisa Olinger did a magnificent job quilting feathers in both the light and the dark areas. The feathers go in opposite directions too. Lisa also told me that this was the largest quilt she has ever done. It measures 144" X 115". And I also have the correct amount of Log Cabin blocks to make another one equally as big. I know I am an overachiever.

I have a bunch of that black popcorn. It is called Black Pearl I think. Anyway...I do not care for it and have 4 bags in the freezer. DH used his air popper and we filled these three bags. I assumed the squirrels and birds would like air popped popcorn. No salt...
No one wants it. A few squirrels have nibbled on it. The Blue Jays lit and then flew away. The Sparrows just stare at me through the window...geezzz...maybe when the snow is a foot deep they will learn to like it.
They are spoiled with raw peanuts and black oil sunflower seeds.

We could not have wished for better weather for the final open stage at New Haven's Schnelker Park Gazebo. It was 78 and sunny. But the wind was really strong. We had a fair turnout. There were two hot food trucks there. And face painting and toss games for the children.
Part of me is giddy with joy of not having to be there every week. And another part of me is sad because I really enjoyed the time spent with James.
I will really miss this beautiful tree...I will have to come and visit it at the park.



Janet O. said...

What, you an overachiever? Where did you ever get that idea? *LOL* You are the poster woman for overachievers, Sue! I watch in awe. : )

Carolyn Sullivan said...

Is there a way to get the new blog posts to notify you in email? I don't want to get the comments f/u ups but the new blogs I would like to get notification of.