Monday, October 15, 2012

Many more quilts made & another mitered border!!

Here is Tulip Fields designed by Our Bonnie Hunter (

I sure enjoyed sewing on this string pieced quilt.

Here is a little "quickie" baby quilt I made for Theo's birthday. (Oct 23)
It is so mind blowing to know he is a year old already! And he started out 3 months would never know it. He is Great Grandson #3.

My niece, Leslie, is pregnant and it is a boy. Her hubby coaches girls softball. So I thought a baseball themed quilt would work well. I had some leftover blocks in my stash and only had to make a few more to get this 65" square beauty!
I am going to get some Quilters' Dream Puff. I love all their other products so I want to try this super fluffy batting.

Being a bit OCD about sorting colors I sort all the 1,250 squares I get every 4 months from the Postage Stamp swap I also hostess.
There is a method to my madness...

So many colors and not enough space...

I have 60 blocks made and my little box is almost empty!!! Good thing there is another swap due this month! WHOOPIE!!!!

Love those full spectrum bulbs. They sure help to match colors.

I made two of these little pumpkin quilts in one day. They are placemat panels.
I wanted a Fall theme quilt at my door this year!!

I bought a "Knucklehead" pumpkin. It was harvested before it turned orange. But that is fine with me as green is my favorite color after pink, brown, neutrals...etc.

Here is my youngest daughter, Laura. And her daughter, my granddaughter Zoey.
They have made every single play date at the New Haven park on Thursday nights. It was so cold and windy last week that we only stayed 90 minutes. And this Thursday is supposed  to be even cooler and rainy to boot. We will have to play it by ear....


knitnoid said...

The border fabric on your tulips is just perfect. Beautiful

qltmom9 said...

Oh, how I wish I were that organized! If you ever give classes on organization, I want to be in there!
We love that park!


Janet O. said...

Tulip Fields is very pretty!
What a surprise that you are OCD about sorting colors. : ) I love the blocks you are making with all of the colored squares.

Teresa in Music City said...

Whew!!! You've been a very busy little girl Sue!!! Love your Bonnie quilt - I'm planning several out of that book :*)