Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Basket of many is enough?

My basket is nearly full. Guesstimate is 96 blocks. So I think I need to keep on sewing on these.  Good thing they are FUN to make!!!!!!

And yes, I also save the dog ears from clipping the corners. As I add them to the jar, it becomes like a sand painting. Each little layer has it's own color and memory.

Making these Roman Stripe blocks has finished off one of those smaller phonebooks. And the frugal me also had to cut the covers and heavier pages into little hexagons. This is the cutter that Our Bonnie Hunter uses. It is for scrapbookers but works great for this application too.

I have not started anything with this size yet as I have a mission of mercy to do. I was unable to say "no" to a friend of an old friend who has an older Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt that needs finished. Some sewing together and then quilting and binding. Why can I not say no? This feels like such a burden to me that I feel guilty sewing on anything else by hand. So I sew on nothing by hand....promises made are promises fulfilled here in Subeeland. I promise myself that I will work on it soon.

Our MaggieMae is shaved again. YEA!!!!!! She stayed awake all day yesterday playing with string and jumping around.
And the tongue out pose is the way she always seems to be. I guess her tongue is too long for her little lower jaw.

Side view. She feels like velvet. And looks like a Russian gal in gray fur boots.


Janet O. said...

I love how you just make quilt parts without a specific goal in mind. I bet you could put together some pretty cool quilts in no time.
I can't even finish my own GFG quilt, let alone take on someone else's. : )

scrappy101 said...

I've heard that a bad tooth may cause cats to stick out their tongues.

Love your quilts and MaggieMae.

scrappy101 said...

Love your quilts and MaggieMae. I have heard that cats will stick out their tongues if there is a bad tooth.

regan said...

MaggieMae is sweet as can be! I'll bet she loves getting stroked and scratched on, now with no matts to worry about! Nice! And I love those roman strip blocks......great project pieces for 'something' later on, right! :o)

Teresa in Music City said...

What fun you are going to have with those blocks! Let them keep growing - the more the merrier!!! You win the prize for saving the tiniest little leftover pieces! I thought my friend Joanne had that contest locked up, but I see now that you are definitely the winner :*)

Maggie Mae looks gorgeous! I wish I could cuddle her - if she feels like my Sable used to when we had her shaved, she would feel wonderful :*)

SubeeSews said...

I also had heard that a bad tooth will have them extend their tongue. But she was just at the vets and her teeth are fine. Her tongue is just too long for her little mouth.
The lady I got MaggieMae from was not too careful about who mated who. As a result she had many deformed kittens. MaggieMae was considered as a show coat but her nose was too long for show. I got her when she was a kitten. I think I saved her from a life of bearing litters for profit. This lady even had to have surgery on some of her show cats to open their nasal passages. I really do not care for the pugged face nor the long hair. But MaggieMae was free to me. I consider her a rescue.And her sweet personality makes up for all the hair she contributes to the carpet and furniture.