Friday, October 12, 2012

A mitered quilt and a Disappearing 9-patch

Two of our guild members presented a program on some very different piecing/cutting ideas. They called the technique "disappearing 9-patch".
One of the results is a sweet little pinwheel showing up in the middle.
Don't ask how I did it as I do not remember now. But I did sew it the day after the meeting. It was very much a liberating day. But that was 12 days ago and lots of fabric has been through my sewing machine since then.

I was digging through my backing supply and ran across this border fabric that I had been saving hoarding. Darn it! I am going to use it. And I did!

I love how a mitered border adds so much more drama than a plain border. Don't get me wrong...I do plain borders a lot. But this Medallion Edtya Sitar inspired topper needed a BEAUTIFUL border. There is not very much pink in the quilt but the border still compliments it just right.

Here it is before quilting. I really enjoyed making this design. I can see myself making another one in a more controlled pallet. Almost an explosion of color from the center out a colorwash. Hubby likes to help arrange those type of designs. He has such an artistic eye.

Everyone I have ever gifted a quilt to has also received a quilt with a Minkee backing. But I have never made one for me.
It is all quilted now and just waiting for me to have a spare moment so I can lie under it. But where are the spare moments???

I have lots more photos on the camera...I will post more soon!

I am loving this cooler weather...a couple good freezes and the bugs are almost gone!!!! WHOOOHOOO!


QuiltinLibraryLady said...

That border fabric makes a truly gorgeous finish on your quilt.

I'd really like to know how to do those D9P blocks with the pinwheels in the middle.

And, you have to TAKE those moments for what you want to do, whether it's sewing or taking a nap under your new Minkee backed quilt.

JustPam said...

I was intrigued by that D9P. I hadn't seen that version. I found a tute for it.

Your quilt is beautiful! I haven't done too many mitered borders.

Wonky Girl said...

Wonderful border fabric for your quilt. It all came out gorgeous, glad it is for you.

Janet O. said...

I've seen blocks called "Disappearing 9-Patch before, but none of those made a pinwheel in the middle. Very cool!
I love design of Edyta's and I think that border fabric does it proud!
You need to quit making so many quilts so you have a chance to snuggle in one!! : )

regan said...

Another gorgeous quilt, Subee! And I love that border you used (finally!). lol It goes so nicely with the quilt! And yeah, I always love this time of year, cuz I can go outside and not get bit! All the flying bugs are either dead, or stupid/slow cuz it's their end! Ha!

Grit said...

I like these blocks. And your quilt with the triangles are so fantastic.
Liebe Grüße Grit

pcflamingo said...

That is a WOWZER of a border for that quilt - just the right touch!

Elaine Adair said...

I haven't made a D9Patch yet, but that little pinwheel center is pretty cute!!! I looked at all your recent posts, with the Bonnie class - sorry you missed part of it but a person has to do what she has to do! 8-))) You have a LOT of nice quilt blocks/projects - beautiful work - and that 30 lbs. is no small thing either - WOW!!!

Keep on keepin' on!

Linda said...

Subee this quilt is absolutely stunning!! You have outdone yourself. Amazing beautiful work!

Forever quilting,
Linda in KC, MO

Linda said...

Subee this quilt is absolutely stunning!! You have outdone yourself. Amazing beautiful work!

Forever quilting,
Linda in KC, MO

June D said...