Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hawks at my bird feeder and some swap blocks

When you click to enlarge this photo, I swear you can see disappointment on this hawk's face. He missed my birds.
I am totally aware of the "food chain". I used to buy feeder goldfish for my large aquarium fish. So I really do not hate this hawk. I feed the squirrels and birds. So I am also feeding this hawk as my feeder is a very popular place to be. What amazes me is that they ( yes, there are more one type of hawk coming to my yard) seem to attack between 10:00 a.m. and noon everyday. I fill the feeders at daylight, so that is not what triggers the attacks.
Monday as I was unloading my groceries, a hawk was almost in the back of my SUV as I stepped back out the door. The sparrows were flying wildly around and under my truck. The hawk was on the driveway. Empty handed again.
Last weekend a hawk was able to catch one of the DarkEyed Junkos. It was tearing the feathers off the poor thing. Once it spotted Hubby and I at the window, it flew off with the prize.

I am in another swap on the Yahoo site. We are swapping Buckeye Beauty block sections in Autumn colors. The color pallet is right up my alley. I have enough made for the two swaps (Feb. and July) this year. Just need to whip up some 4-patches....easy peasy. I do them all at once for these swaps for two reasons. #1-no duplicates and #2-I will be on time for the deadlines.
And I saved the dogears in my jar of course!


SewCalGal said...

Is this hawk so lazy he sits at your birdfeeder waiting for a bird? We have a nearby hawk, but at least he hangs out in the nearby trees waiting!


Gari said...

Our hocks fly around, even maiking "lazy circles in the sky." I keep a close watch on our littlest dog.

Leigh said...

Cooper's Hawk looks like, very nifty. They definitely like to eat other smaller birds so I'm not surprised he camped out at your feeder!

bingo~bonnie said...

ooough what a winter wonderland! I wish we got snow down here where we live...

Love from Texas! ~bonnie