Monday, January 25, 2010

Pat Sloan and Our Bonnie on Live Talk Radio

I was caller #2! WHOOOHOOO! I got to talk to Pat and Bonnie at the same time.
When I figure out ( remember) how to do it, I will link to the talk radio site.
I think all 7000+ fans are clogging the internet logs right now!

There is Pat's blog anyway!

And here is the link to the radio show.

Bonnie also has a link on her blog now. I listened to the show all the way through this morning. I got to hear my own voice. Wow!


Laurel said...

I heard you on the radio, you sly dog! Wasn't the show great??

Teri said...

I'm bummed! I missed it live, and now I can't find the link to the show. Hopefully it will show up on Pat's site later

Quilt Hollow said...

I think I was caller #3. I heard you!!

Helen in the UK said...

I heard the show a couple of days after it aired. It was lovely to hear Bonnie and her fans who called in :)