Monday, January 18, 2010

Tubs and stacks and cats and squirrels

Yes, I have many cats and LOTS of material. I do drape towels over any unprotected material to prevent too much cat hair collecting as they lay everywhere.
And I mean everywhere. MaggieMae has to be close to me. I try not to disturb her nap.

I quick trip to my LQS happily ended up with me bringing home 26 FQ's who needed a home. I also try to buy a neutral. I never know when I need some. A quilter's stash needs neutrals.
The temp outside is slowly melting the deep snow. We had freezing fog this morning. And a cloudy day. I felt the squirrels needed a treat so I gave them some apple slices. This young squirrel ate his apple in front of the window so I could take his picture.


Leanne said...

Our family here in New Zealand have enjoyed looking at photo of squirrel.Thanks for sharing it.

Love Leanne

Quilt Hollow said...

Oh I just love how the squirrel is right there for his snacking...better yet is your kitties right in there "helping you" with your quiltmaking!!

Karen said...

...great pics! Love ur stash and ur kitties!....and the squirel is cute too.