Saturday, January 30, 2010

Kaye England Seminar in Indianapolis

I love seeing FQ's in their little folded stacks. BUT...they need to be handy for cutting NOT looking! I have this method for storing the ironed FQ's. I press them all...starch if necessary...then cut. When done cutting I layer them all together and roll up into a nice fat log. I tie the log with a piece of selvege. When I want to cut them again I simply roll out the log. They may need a very light going over with the iron. But not a major ironing session. This group of 27 FQ's I bought on my last trip to The Quilt of Many Colors, my local quilt shop. Well, not so local but a nice country drive a couple of towns away.
I am going to Kaye England's quilt college this March. I love her wit and charm. And her patterns are so nice and easy to understand. Such quaint names too.
I bought this Amelia Earhart Voices of the Past pattern last April after hearing Kaye speak at a Gathering of Quilters. I knew I wanted to make this super scrappy. Yet I wanted to tie all my FQ's together
with a constant background. I went shopping through my stash and found this toile'. It is really quite a medium color and all the FQ's have good contrast with it. As usual, I overacheived. Needed 18 blocks so I made for each FQ!!!!!
My OCD was quite content. No repeats of center squares. No matching star legs(?).
I have all the alternate block pieces cut. Needed 108 4 patches so I made 210.
Gotta have that ease of selection so no colors are close to each other.
I can always use more 4-patches. These are made with 2" squares. I am sure I can use them somewhere!

The sun came out so I was able to get a good picture of the blocks.
This is not the layout.
I just wanted to see them all after I pressed them.
My oldest daughter, Lisa, says they look like starfish in this setting.


Quilter Kathy said...

Your blocks are gorgeous! You are quite the overachiever, eh?!? Need 100, sew 200????!!
It will be a fabulous quilt!

Teri said...

It looks great. Do you have any UFO's, or do you finish everthing you start? ;-) What do you mean by you cut the fat quarters before you bundle them?

Connie said...

very very pretty, love the colors! HAPPY QUILTING!

Elaine Adair said...

Clever woman you are!

Love those stars, and NO POINTS!!! yeahhhhh

Kim said...

ahhhhhh love the toile background
its gonna be another lovely creation!

So you make up your own fat quarters
from your stash?

Happy sewing

Barbara said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous - just my kind of quilt.

Moorea said...

You know, I just noticed that with no duplicate legs or middles, that I really love scrappy quilts where there are no duplicates. I could not figure out why I liked some scrappy quilts more than others, it seemed to be more than just color or pattern, it's the level of scrappyness! Do you know what I mean?
This is beautiful- cannot wait to see it finished.

bingo~bonnie said...

your extra blocks sounds a lot like my extra 100" of binding for my crayola quilt! LOL

I love the background fabric that you put with your FQs ;) beautiful!
Lucky you to get to go see her this March, you'll have your quilt finished by then to take with you.

Love from Texas! ~bonnie