Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow in Indiana and sewing 4-patches for swap looks a mess....but believe me it is controlled chaos. I am now sewing the pairs together. But this mess is me selecting Autumn colored fabrics for the 4-patches. I managed to pick fabrics that are NOT in my half square triangles.
My "tubs" are soooo full. but they are a great size for me to wrestle around. Not too small, not to big, just right!

I shoveled this drive 5 times today. Yes you read me right. We have a BIG snowblower that drags me around and frankly scares me. So I shoveled all during the snow to keep it manageable. I did fall down twice. My knee is not happy. Bruised and bleeding...but I was able to go right back to work on the snow. So I guess I will live.
And doesn't the house across the street look great? My friend had all new windows and doors installed.

Too bad tomorrow is garbage day. Those bins sure spoil the view.

No birds eating at these feeders except for the green one. If you ever buy this type of feeder you will be pleased to know that squirrels are totally thwarted. They cannot get to the seeds. They try but fall off every time. Trouble is, the birds prefer the wooden feeders. Maybe the metal is cold on their little toes. But they will go to it eventually. I had a pair of Cardinals at the picture window feeder today. Along with Mourning Doves and my sparrows of course. The Blue Jays called for peanuts and I threw them out on the drive but they never got them.?????? They have me trained so well. Squirrels knock on the window and the Jays call me.
I have not seen the hawks today. But then I did spend a lot of time outside making shovel noise.


angela said...

oh how lovely, all that snow. I wish I could snap my fingers and be there. Its going to be very hot here today, and I do no do well in the heat. I love the cold much better.
enjoy it!

West Michigan Quilter said...

It may look messy, but it's being creative. I like your term "controlled chaos." I just can't create without making a mess! LOL

cockermom said...

I just love Indiana, don't you? LOL
Have a great quilting day!

Gari said...

I shoveled like that once when we lived in Chicago. When DH got home the first thing he said was "the least you could have done was shovel the driveway." It is really surprising that he has been allowed to live so long.......

imagrandma2five said...

I'm in New Haven, Sue, we're neighbors! I know what you mean about the snowblower. Ours is the same way. I prefer to shovel and let DH handle the snowblower.
Your sewing room looks a lot better than mine. But then again, if I cleaned mine up I'd never find a thing!

Elaine Adair said...

The "shoveling rule" is that once you fall down, you are allowed to quit! Frankly, I'd like to know what would happen is we didn't shovel at all until May!

We have -18 this morning, in western Nebraska, but it's supposed to warm up to the 30s this weekend.

I'm bundling up, to get to work - serious (ugly) hat, heavy boots, gloves, ski sweater. I would rather stay home and sew!

Ruthie said...

your sewing area looks cozy....great for the weather outside.

Quilter Kathy said...

The snow is so beautiful! I miss it...we have hardly had any this winter so far. ENjoy! (well, not the shovelling of course!)