Sunday, February 12, 2012

Me and some of my quilts

I seem to have difficulty getting pictures of myself. Trying to flash a picture from me in a mirror results in nothing but "flash". And I think my phone takes pictures but have never tried it.
Thankfully I was interviewed for an article to be published in Senior Life newspaper. The reporter mailed me some of the millions of photos she took. I was very pleased with the pictures.

 Above is a paper-pieced quilt I made that I call Batik Stars. I hand quilted this beauty with spiderwebs. And the binding is all scrappy. I guess I was a scrappy girl back in 1995 and did not even know it!

And to the left of me is a stack of quilts that I have made. There were many more that did not make it into the frame of the picture. What am I going to do with all these quilts??????

Here is a closeup of my Hubby's birthday quilt made from that great 45 degreee kaleidoscope ruler by Marilyn Doheny. Elaine Adair was the culprit who turned me on to this easy technique that makes the fabric do the work and manages to still look complicated!

 Hubby and I examining one of the many musical quilts I have made him. I remember this black fabric. There were palm leaves along with the guitars so I had to fussycut the fabric.

Yes, I play guitar. Yes, this is a 12 string. This is the same guitar that DH taught me to strum on. Since I was a finger picker on a nylon string guitar I had issues with a smaller neck of a steel string guitar. DH had a solution. He removed 6 of the strings and I used the 12 for strumming until I was used to the strumming thing. I then bought a steel string guitar and never looked back. But I am still very much more comfortable finger picking than strumming.
The quilt behind me was part of a block exchange from the internet. Great color scheme!


Gwen, The Vintage Seamstress said...

Love all your photos and I come from a long line of quilters and guitar pickers too! I am not far from you, I live in the NW side of Fort Wayne. Nice to visit your site and see your beautiful quilts!

GittaS said...

Beautiful photos ..... wonder how many quilts have you??
Many greetings gitta

Gail said...

Subee you are a very productive quilter and your quilts are wonderful. I never question the number that I own or make because quilting is an art form, just like painting or drawing or music and artists never stop creating so why should we, lol.

P.S. Wanted to ask you about your Janome 1066P--I was thinking of upgrading to this machine and I know you have one. After some research I know it would work well for me but it doesn't have a "free-arm" have you found this to be a problem??

regan said...

Those are great pics of you (and hubby)! And your quilts look great, too! Congrats on being a 'feature' in the paper! Yay!

Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

Lovely quilts, all. And plenty of them to keep you warm in the winter. I keep many of the quilts I make to. What will I do with them? Just enjoy them....and the kids and grandkids will have something to fight over when I'm gone. That's what I tell them.

Liz said...

I am so glad you are back on the blog. It has been a while and I was worrying that something had happened. I really enjoy your blog.

Janet O. said...

That is a beautiful quilt of Batik Stars--love it!
I have purchased that ruler after you and Elaine have shown such great quilts made from it. Now I just need to use it! : )
You have quite a passel of quilts! Don't know what to do with them all? I'm sure they would be comfortable at my house.

Kim said...

How fun!
When does the article come out?

I really admire your work and your neat, tidy. organized, sewing room!

Happy Sewing

Debra said...

cGreat quilts and really great photos you must be pleased.