Saturday, February 25, 2012

Paper Piecing class was a success!

I had more comments on this cute little Ikea light when I was teaching my paper piecing class.
The size and bendability was envied by many.
Thanks to Bonnie Hunter ( for showing us her lamp on her blog. I am sure that the sales of this cute little lamp went up 300% after her blog post. It happened with the EZ Angle rulers and the tangerine color ( the new neutral )!!! HA!

I had my machine set up to sew. And did sew two lines of the pattern. Then I turned the ladies loose to try their own blocks. First I had them practice sewing on a lined piece of paper. It is not as easy as it sounds. It depends on the foot used and the machine set up. Then we totally lost all track of time with laughter and sewing. Small acheivements and large mistakes were all taken in stride. I think we went over our allotted time slot. But we were so BUSY and had a great time.
So, my first "formal" teaching session was awesome. I do not see how Our Bonnie does this day after day. My back hurts from standing. At least I think it hurts from standing. It might have been from the three trips unloading my truck. It was very cold and windy this early Saturday morning. So perhaps that had something to do with my backache.


Janet O. said...

I knew you would do well! Glad it was a success for you. You know they will want you back! : )

Sarah Martin said...

Hooray! You did it! I bet it was fun! Did you have any voice left at the end? That is what goes anytime I teach a class...It is hard work, isn't it?! Kudos to Bonnie for sure, and to all teachers!!

Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

My last backache turned out to be shingles so I sure hope you're luckier than that. It was a cold morning for unloading, that's for sure. I did a lot of that during my craft selling days and don't miss it at all.

regan said...

Congrats on your successful teaching day! As long as everyone had fun, that's what really counts! And it sounds like you all did! Yay!

Laura said...

I know you were worried about the class, but also knew it would go just great! With all the experience you have to offer plus your great organizational skills it had to be a winner! So glad you and your students had FUN!