Thursday, February 23, 2012

Paper Piecing class planning!

Saturday teaching day is almost here!!!!

My angst is caused by an extreme case of nerves.

I will be teaching a paper-piecing class to my guild members and a few members from an Ohio quilt guild.

I know how to paper-piece. I could do it with only one hand I think. My only issue is I have not too much experience teaching. Most of my working factory life was spent as a Group Leader. That includes the training of new employees. And that can take months. I am a patient person but I have been told that I am a bit bossy. I do not mean to be bossy. I simply want things done a certain way. Perhaps that is my OCD kicking in.
I will try very hard to gentle my fellow guild members. I promise!!!

I am teaching a stained glass paper piecing technique. Then I thought I should also make the block WITHOUT the black leading step. The result is below. I really like it!!!
So if a few are over whelmed with the stained glass look I can offer this method still using the same pattern but just skipping over the areas that call for the narrow black strip.
I was originally going to teach the paper-pieced pineapple block. But I feel that block would simply be too tiny for newbies to paper piecing.

And since I did this in grays I may work it into my gray/pink Orca Bay quilt that is still in process. This block only took a bit over an hour to make. There are 8 sections that make a 12" block. And now I hear my precious pinks saying "We would make a great Mariners' Compass block too"!

 Here it is "exploded" before sewing the sections together.

Can you see my new Ikea lamp there on the left? There was a bit of assembly required but I managed to assemble the lamp and I am VERY pleased with it. I found them on E-Bay for just a bit more than an Ikea store and free shipping. Ikea would not sell to me over the internet. They said the closest store is 130 miles to up Michigan. I cannot see me driving that far when I could get it on E-Bay.

The bulb does not seem to radiate much heat. That big ol' Ott light there can fry my head at times!
I did buy two lamps. Yet I am considering buying a couple more for ease of portability to venture into DH's room for some hand sewing or crocheting.

It has a nice spotlight effect. The neck can be moved around with ease putting the light right where you need it to be. All in all I am very happy and cannot thank Our Bonnie K. Hunter (
for recommending this light. But I did want it in pink of course. But white is fine.


Judy Dietrich said...

Subee, all teachers need organization when teaching to hit all the points of their lesson. The main idea of having a teacher is to share information with someone that does not already have it, or understand it. You will be working with adults who want to be there & want to learn the procedure correctly!! Write down a goal to reach for the night. Write down the major points to meet that goal.
When you get up in front of the crowd, introduce yourself & give a little background info that they may not know. Tell them your goal, and tell them to ask questions if they are not understanding. You will be great!! Every time I read your blog--I understand you perfectly. Go forth & educate the quilters. Why do you think Bonnie does it?? She loves to share her info & meet others. Teaching is fun because sometimes you learn more than your students!! Have fun.

Janet O. said...

I think you will be a great teacher. I appreciate a teacher who gives me the how and the why of each step. And I think it is a good idea that you are offering a less-involved method for those who would prefer it.
I can see that star in pinks--go for it!
I want one of those lamps, for sure!! IKEA is less than two hours away, but I've never been there. Maybe I just need to order one as well. : )
Good luck with your class. Let us know how it goes.

regan said...

I've been told I'm pretty bossy, too......but I'm with ya; we just want it how we want it! lol

I think you'll be great at teaching your class. And that 2nd star you made is fabulous! Now they have choices, rock! :o)

Ulla's Quilt World said...

Your quilts/crafts are so fantastic! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world!
Yours, Ulla (from Finland)

Vic in NH said...

You'll be great! Folks want to know "the right way to do it," because they probably already tried it the wrong way.

KWILEY said...

question about the ikea light - can you change the bulb in it if it dies or not? I tried to see online but couldn't tell if the bulb could be replaced - saw it on Bonnie's post and trying to see if I "NEED" one :) Thanks - and am jealous of your have a great collection from what you've shown in your photos