Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mystery quilt progress

Well, we are up to clue#4 in the Mystery quilt our quilt guild is doing. The member that is presenting this mystery has been ill so I have been printing off the clues for the participants. Let me tell you it has been so tempting to peek ahead but I have resisted.

Another member wanted some help so I had to work on my clue#4 before I felt capable of helping her.

 I am loving the movement in this quilt. Of course it helps that I also love the fabric I decided to use.

 A few of my points got cut off. I did some ripping and resewing yet there are still some points not too happy. I refuse to resew anymore on this so I will call it an "attempt" at perfection.

 And here is my precious Pearl helping roll the batting for me. The kitties all seem to feel that any surface that their Subee is working on is fair game for kitty exploration.

It's a dirty job but someone has to do it! I have a whole roll of Quilters' Dream cotton. I sure will be sad when I use it up. The prices have gone up on everything cotton.


Janet O. said...

Wow, that mystery is a beauty! It does have great movement, I agree. Look at you, so strong not to peek ahead! I'm impressed.
As to the imperfect points, if it is not going to be entered for judging anywhere, I wouldn't give it another thought. : )

regan said...

I think it is perfect in every way! The design has so much movement, too.....and it's beautiful in those fabrics! It's awesome! And boy, are you ever good not peeking ahead!

Sarah said...

Hi Subee - I love how your mystery quilt is coming together. How many more clues are there?

Vic in NH said...

Pretty in pink! I know that you love pink and you certainly have a way of making it work wonders. Your mystery does have a lot of movement but I could not see a single chopped point, so go easy on yourself. It is beautiful!

Gail said...

Subee those points look pretty good to me and the fabrics you chose for this quilt are perfect for giving the illusion of curves.

It's lovely!