Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bird Sanctuary Quilt

I have all the machine quilting done on this small quilt. I want it to lay on my machine table to help with the kitties toenail marks and the stray furs that accumulate on/in my sewing area table.
I simply machine quilted with a sage green thread all the straight lines on the design. I am hand quilting all the leaves and the birds. I started this on Christmas morning and was hand quilting by noon the same day. I am in love with the leaves on this. After hand quilting a couple of the leaves I love the effect of all the veins in the leaves. When this is done I will take another picture...closeup.

My precious Pearl. Her nose is so out of place because of MaggieMay's arrival. Pearl was the "baby" in the house. I got her when I first was on sick leave and we were so very close. Then I worked until I retired. So she was so dependent on me for her "human contact". She resents MaggieMay so much. I go out of my way to spend quality time with her. She is coming around slowly but her heart is broken. She still loves me so much. We will get back to where we were. I will not give up on her.

MaggieMay has to help with every project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bonnie said...

If you are doing Ann's NYE mystery quilt through Fabricholics Annonymous or several other groups.... you are going to LOVE it when it is done! B.

Susan in SC said...

Just found your blog and LOVE the quilt and cat bed! MaggieMay is a doll!!!

Shirley said...

I think that Cats and Quilts must go together. Rich and I have a cat named Misty.....she could be a twin to your cat Pearl. We have wanted to get another kitty to keep Misty company. She is so shy that when anyone comes to the house she runs to the bedroom and won't come out for hours. She is okay with just Rich and gives us unconditional love. I love all your beautiful quilts.
Shirley said...

Just wondering if you would be interested in selling this quilt when you are done. I love the fabric but am not a quilter myself.