Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Virginia Bound assembled

I plan on making another in a super king size for my own bed. The quilt on my bed was made so long ago it is falling apart. Sad when a quilter has a "crappy first quilt" on her own bed!
The first 4 quarters. I fell in love with this piecing process. Thanks Bonnie!

At the very beginning. I used the Kabnet wax paper to make all the foundation blocks.


Teri said...

What was your favorite kind of paper? At the beginning you used waxed paper...did you switch?

SubeeSews said...

I bought some tracing paper that fit through the printer. ( 500 sheets) Do you think I can use that up in a lifetime. HA!
Do not know if I will like how they tear. The wax paper was great to remove.

Bonnie said...

Hi Subee! Your VA Bound quilt top turned out SO nice! I love the light areas...they just glow! :cD

Great job!


bingo~bonnie said...

BEE-YOU-TA-FULL!!! Your new quilt for you rbed is gonna be BEAUTIFUL! :) and no it's not sad that you have the current on eon you rbed now... jsut meens it was loved to pieces! ;) I too have the very first bed size quilt on our bed and use it ever night. It is ugly but I dont' care, I love it and the memories behind it... and my husband loves it more than I do b/c it wa smy Christmas gift to him before we were married. ;)

I doubel dare you to blog about that old quilt on your bed and show a photo! :) if you do, I'll show mine too... let me know! :)

Have a Happy Weekend & Love from Texas! ~bonnie

Ingrids strik og patchwork said...

Thanks for the photo of this fantastic quilt. is like you see diamonds float all over the scraps.

Best wishes

Elaine Adair said...

I've said it before ... it's just beautiful, and BEGS me to make one also! The PERFECT use for scraps even.

Debra said...

Just GORGEOUS! Love the colors, pattern & great piecing......Debra in Ma.

Beth Probasco said...

Absolutely awesome!! Beth in MN

Kim Andrews said...

This is one quilt I really want to make. After seeing yours, I DEFINITELY want to make it!