Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Big Baby, Bonnie's block & Dustin's Irish Chain

Honest...this is Baby's favorite place to be. All 20+#'s of her on the skinny back of my sewing chair. Her legs hang over each side as she balances on her belly. I am usually in the chair. I spin around and get up and down. She hangs on giving me kisses and taps. She and Macy are my shoulder kitties. But Macy's 12#'s is much easier to carry than Baby's weight. I call her a belly with legs. Macy can leap from the floor to my shoulder on command. But all Baby does is hop and ends up walking on her little back legs. Too funny!
Bonnie Hunter of www.quiltville.com sent me her tutorial block from her new book Adventures with Leaders & Enders. I am going to use it as the label on the back. I used a constant background on my treebases and Bonnie's block just stood out too much. But then I may change my mind as I do not have the quilt assembled yet!

Sorry this is so dark. It was a cloudy day yesterday. Also it is so hard to take a closeup picture. This is the label for Dustin's Irish Chain. It is all done and was shown at last night's quilt guild meeting. I did manage to make a pillowcase from the deer fabric. I had a piece that was the perfect size. Sometimes Fate just steps in ya' know??

I simply did a diagonal quilting on this quilt. No measuring at all...just eyeballed it.
He will be really using this quilt as only an outdoor guy can so I made sure it was made for rough handling.
I save all the trimming for the last step. I also make sure I always draw the bottom thread to the top. I used a nice varigated King Tut thread for the top and a deep green for the bobbin thread.


Trish said...

Oh my goodness, what a photo of your cat. That is priceless. I laughed out loud on that one and I'm a dog person. I love it, thanks for sharing the photo!

Sheila said...

Great quilt!
The cat....well....hilarious!

Elaine Adair said...

I always look at your posts first! Thanks for all the eye candy and inspiration - you always do a lovely job on your quilts. 8-)))

Kim said...

Wow you are so productive......how many quilts do you have in the works?
What is the news on the new great grandson?

Happy Sewing

judycinnc said...

Good Morning Suebee - just had to let you know that I ordered and got my sewing chair last week - just like yours. No wonder you get sew much done - sitting in that chair makes you not want to get up. I love, love it and thanks for the information. I did find it for $189 with free shipping and it took about 5 days.