Saturday, April 3, 2010

Crabapple progress and Dustin's Irish Chain

I have totally enjoyed all the small piecing on this pattern by Bonnie Hunter from

And I loved the paper piecing of the tree bases. The reward was adding the crowns to the trees. I made all 25 blocks in one mega sewing day. They were all up on the design wall. I was sitting and admiring my work. I have always liked the Tree of Life pattern. And I think this is a variation on it. I love it and will keep it for me as there is a block made by Bonnie Hunter in this! I LOVE IT!

DH comes in and says he does not LIKE it! Slap me with a wet noodle!!! What is not to like? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MEN!

Today I added the final borders and piecing the backing for Dustin's BD quilt.
It now measures 72"X90". I added some of the deer fabric into the backing too. The backing and quilt are now draped on the quilt frame. My goal is to baste it up tomorrow and start quilting it. I want to be done for Monday night guild meeting. Am I asking too much of myself???????

Dustin is an outdoorsy type guy. That is why I decided on the deer fabric as a border. I plan on making a pillowcase to match. That way he can store this quilt in his truck. Who knows it may save his life someday.


Jan said...

That is magnificient ,he should be so pleased ,Ilove your trees too Jan xx

Donna said...

Your Crabapple trees are looking good! Each picture you post makes Bonnie's book appear more and more tempting.

Renate said...

Beautiful, I love your Tree Quilt.
And I have Bonnies books too.

Teri said...

I've wanted to start this quilt since it was on her website (way before the book ever came out). I love your version. I think I will start piecing the leaves as my next leader and ender project.

Bonnie said...

I agree with Donna -- the book is more and more tempting. I can't say how disappointed I was when I didn't get it for my bd. Love your crabapple quilt. I am sure I am going to make that at some point. Just curious -- how small are those squares? You've done some great work.

qltmom9 said...

Oh, are you ever an inspiration! That is ~lovely~. I am almost done with a leaders/enders (one Bonnie saw when she was in Indy even), it is 16 patches of 1" squares with a purple cotton jacquard between blocks. When I'm done, I'll set up to do this next!
Thank you.~

Cheryl Willis said...

I started to comment yesterday and got interupted. I have never really like the tree block. Yours however is growing on me. I wonder if seeing the process is making the block look less intimitating and more of a future TO-DO? When you see it broken down into managable sections it looks like a lot of fun. Knowing me I would want to spead it up by strip sewing the leaves. I may have to make a trees at night, just to be different. Yours is looking good- cw

Helen in the UK said...

Wow Subee, that really must have been a MEGA sewing day!! Congrats on getting all complete. Don't understand why your DH wouldn't like them, unless he's not a fan of scrappy!! Perhaps it will grow on him as it develops :)

Elaine Adair said...

Stunning Tree Quilt! Another tempting version - you outdid yourself! Hey, don't get so focussed you forget your body might need some stretching!

What's not to LOVE with the outdoorsy Irish Chain! It's a beauty!

Kim said...

What a great gift the Irish chain will make and so glad to hear you'll keep your trees for yourself.
You give so many away!

Haven't seen any work on your Amish inspired quilt from the Tonya group....having any ideas yet?

Happy Sewing