Friday, April 30, 2010

My new HP computer w/ Windows 7

AHHH! New electronic toys! Plastic bags and wire wrappers...posters with picture instructions. Gee! I am a computer least with the wires and plugging in part.

My stack of sewing software that needed to be loaded after I got Windows Office installed. And of course my ever present container of dark chocolate M&M's.
More serial #'s I am so glad I had them organized. But it took me 2 days to find the driver for my printer! And then when I plugged it in I did not need it! go figure!
I made a few little mug mats trying out embroidery quilting designs. I just throw them in the washer/dryer when needed.

I found a program on my new computer called Easy Transfer! I was able to transfer over all my pictures and patterns. It all came over BUT my e-mail program Outlook Express 6.
Guess I am not so much of a geek after all.


Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

New computers are FUN!!! I have four new systems ordered for the library where I work......Dells with the nice big monitors. The patrons are going to love them.

Your monitor looks familiar....I just got one like it about a week ago. Love it!!!

Gari said...

I love getting new computers: I hate transfering or reinstalling. Let me know how you like Windows 7. I never had any problem with Vista so I am not looking to upgrade any time soon. Have fun.

kimpex said...

Yaa i'm Agree with Those 2lady bcz i also like very much this computer and really its looking nice

sarah said...

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