Thursday, April 1, 2010

My forest of trees and one from Bonnie!!!!!

Bonnie Hunter: quilt designer, quilt maker, longarm quilter and teacher of the world (in my own world that is) sent me her tutorial block to add to my own! You can find her at:
Quilters are so generous and Bonnie is an excellent example of this. She included a sweet note that I will save forever!
I was never a wild fan of music makers or movie stars in my younger years. I liked music and movies but never understood screaming fans. Now I do. And here I am at 60 becoming a "drop dead in my shoes" screaming fan of this wonderful woman.
I moved my sewing space 90 degrees durning a spring cleaning fury. I made all these trees in a short sewing session today. The test went well. I am happy with this space for now.
I am still not quite happy with the arrangement because I need to plug the iron in across the room so as not to be on the same electrical line as my sewing machine. They do not play nice together when plugged in on the same wall.
But all that said, it does feel nice to NOT have the sun shining in my face. I can still see the bird feeders and the world can go by outside my window.
Yet my back is to the front door. I do not like getting spooked when the doorbell rings.
I am also facing the TV and the computer. To the left is where I place the small iron and ironing board. All can be reached from my comfy chair. But I do not eat or drink anywhere near my sewing machine or computer. So that is a good reason to get up and stretch.

And some new places for the kitties to lay in the sun. Our weather has been unreal! It was 81 today and will be the same tomorrow. Hubby took off work early and mowed the lawn. Yummmmm! I love the smell of freshly mowed lawn. But I could really do without the noise.


Victoria said...

I think your new setting is much better, you can put your quilt on and still have more space around. I really love it. And your trees are really like a forest now.
Jana in Czech Republic

qltmom9 said...

VERY pretty.
Is that in Bonnie's new book? I long to get it, but dh is unemployed. I'd love to send you a couple trees. If you'd like that send me dimensions.

Lucy (in IN)

Helen in the UK said...

Love the start of your forest! The newly styled sewing area looks great too - enjoy :)

Moorea said...

It looks great. It is nice to get a quilt room cleaned-up and changes around after a long run of projects. It helps me to think through the next run, it's furniture therapy!