Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bonnie Hunter's Crabapple progress

Well...what think you????? I am a brown color lover. So I browned up Bonnie's pattern. She used a beautiful green (another favorite color of mine) I used a brown fabric with cream scattered trees. It seemed so appropriate for this quilt.
I used a rust Freckles fabric for the sashings. And a gold Fossil Fern for the cornerstones.

Bonnie sure loves the diagonal sets! I do not know what I would do without a design wall to slap up those blocks! In the old days I used the bed or the floor. Both are very cat catching. The background fabric I used is a cream with scattered cats. One of my favorite old fabrics that I keep using.

Next project in my head to do is Bonnie's Scrappily Irish pattern. I have "some" 2" squares but I have a bagillion 1 1/2" squares yet. I am thinking of using those. I am going on a three day retreat with my guild next weekend. This looks like a good project to work on. Not too much brain power needed and that leaves room for chatting and EATING!
OK............ now you are asking what is this? It is fake is suppossed to be a bunny suit. I am rescuing my neighbor. Her two girls are in the play "HARVEY". They are going to be in bunny suits and dance on stage. Tracy called me yesterday and said the woman who was making these got ill and could not finish and would I finish them. I said yes. My goodness. She needs them on MONDAY! All she had done was cut them out no sewing done, no thread, no elastic, no zippers and her math skills must have flown the coup because there was not enough cut of the ears or the head pieces. And no extra fabric included. So Tracy is trying to find some matching fabric for the head pieces and the tails...I have the bodies all done. This fabric is fluffy and VERY THICK. There is fuzz all through the house in my nose and eyes and the kitties even look coated. Real fake fur. I would have chosen fleece. The poor girls are going to cook in these costumes.
But the ears came out sooooo cute. I still need to make the headpieces as soon as Tracy gets more fabric to me.
They are like that bunny pajama set that the poor boy in The Christmas Story gets for his Christmas present from an Auntie. Darn, that beige zipper really sticks out like a sore thumb. It was all I had!
No good deed goes unpunished.


Jan said...

You are a hero ine ,and these are absolutely blooming bunny wonderful clever girl Jan xx

NancyB85374 said...

I love the Crabapple quilt! Those are my favorite colors, too. I just may have to plan on doing this one. I haven't dared try a quilt with so many itty-bitty squares.

Karen said...

The Crabapple really caught my eye! Good color choices.

Kim said...

You have been one busy lady!
How wonderful of you to bail her out...I hope she appreciates all the work that went into it all!

Your trees are just delightful....such a nice balance of color.....well done!

Happy sewing

Helen in the UK said...

The Crabapple quilt looks wonderful! Brilliant fabric choices :)

Anonymous said...

The crabapple tree is awsome. I like everything you did with it. Thanks for a great blog.

Lori said...

Your crabapple is great! Isn't that fur fun! Can't wait to see your Irish chain.

judycinnc said...

I really do like your Crabapple quilt and the brown was such a wonderful choice. You go girl!! and enjoy your retreat. Knowing you, you will probably come home with a finished quilt. LOL

Rose Marie said...

Your Crabapple quilt is very eye-catching .... love those colours!