Wednesday, March 28, 2012

4000 pages for paper piecing!!!

What do you give to a manic paper piecing queen?
A catalog with very thin paper pages that number 4000!!!
Yes, you read that right. There are 4000 pages in this Granger catalog!

 A solid 3 inches of paper pages. I am in heaven! I cannot thank my fellow guild member, Gladys Mumma, enough for her generosity. She even made a special trip to my home to drop off this book. She has also gifted me with her old phone books in the past. But I have used them all up. I cannot thank her enough!
THANKS GLADYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I was able to sew on all types of Girl Scout emblems for Grand daughter Zoey. My daughter, Laura, had let them pile up and they are going on a trip this Friday and Zoey needed the emblems sewn on. A couple hours later I had them all done. I did manage to look up the proper positioning on the internet. I am hoping she and her Girl Scout leader are happy with my sewing. I also asked Laura to bring me the patches as they come. It will only take me a couple minutes to sew on just one patch. I had to change the upper thread colors 10 times! You all know how anal I can be about thread colors....


Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

I have used phone book pages for strings, but not paper piecing. How do you get your lines on there that you need to follow and still be able to see them?

Janet O. said...

Though I don't go looking for reasons to do hand sewing, I admit that scout patches are something I always did by hand, for the reason you mentioned--frequent thread color changes.