Monday, March 19, 2012

T-Shirt Quilt is done!!!!!!!

This labor (tons of labor) of love is all done!!! It took me two days of pressing and only a few hours sewing the rows together.
Craig is sorely missed and I hope this quilt will wrap my Grand daughter, Arika, in his old t-shirts and tons of love.
It measures 75" X 90". It is very heavy! I am thinking it is too heavy for me to wrestle the quilt through my DSM. I love doing straight line quilting on my Janome 6600P. Yet I may contact my favorite long arm quilter, Lisa Olinger, and have her work some magic on this monster. It needs to be made a bit more feminine. Maybe some girlie quilting will make it more soft looking.

 We set another high temperature record today. 83 degrees!!! See the daffodils? They are lush, plush and beautiful. All the wildlife around here are either mating or making nests.
And when I woke up this morning my Hubby was washing the ceiling in the kitchen. Then he went and bought and replaced our front doorbell button that has been broken for 20+ years! Then went back to the store and bought new outside lights. between the mammoth task of sewing this quilt I made him a great fried chicken supper. I am really thinking he is so close to being completely recovered from his kidney cancer.

 You can see the colors a bit better here in the kitchen. I was concerned about a couple of the t-shirts that represented death. But Arika assured me that she remembers her Dad wearing those t-shirts and they are "him". So they are included.

I cannot wait to clean my machine, insert a new needle and do some quality sewing. I want to sew on some good old quilting cotton.
I am done with t-shirt quilts! Perhaps this was my first and last one. HA!

 This is the wooden sign I bought last Saturday. It fits perfectly on the picture frame of a kitty on a quilt. Back in the old days I was a cross stitch addict. But I ran out of wall space! HA!!!!

And here is our Macy Gray trying to ignore me taking her picture. She just looked so beautiful on that quilt. She almost looks as if she is hugging it!


regan said...

You are a Quilting Queen! That was really fast work putting that top together! It looks great! And your granddaughter is going to love it!

Sweet kitty!

Janet O. said...

The t-shirt quilt looks great! This post made me smile. I can relate on so many levels--the amount of work that goes into a t-shirt quilt, the heaviness of it, the relief to get back to real cottons, and the giving up of cross-stitch when my walls and those of my loved ones couldn't take on another piece of stitchery!

Jackie said...

Great job the on the t-shirt quilt. I'm sure your grand daughter will appreciate it so much.