Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday rainy but productive day.

Finally it has cooled down to some normal Spring weather. I do not do warm humid weather very well. In fact I avoid it as much as possible. It will become a bone of contention this Summer between DH and I. The heat and humidity do not affect him the way they affect me.
Below are some precious fabric scraps I found in a bottom of a container. I remember buying these as a fabric sample card. And what I used the fabric for I have no idea. I do not remember. This is all that is left. And I could not even bear to cut into this bit. So I bagged them up again and set them aside to be found another year or so down the road.

 But I did have a productive day in the cutting room. Just look at that cute little basket brimming with 1 1/2" squares. They are just asking begging to be sewn.

 This picture was taken on Thursday. There are 36 little 3 1/2" blocks on the wall.
But as of today there are 84 blocks done.

 Sometimes random fabric combinations just make my heart sing. Below are two that really caught my eye and my heart. It sure does not take much to make me happy. I know you all understand...

  Great Grand Son #2, Logan, will be 2 next week. Below is his birthday quilt. Just a simple 9 patch alternated with a frog fabric square. Easy piecing and easy quilting. All done and washed so it is fresh for his chubby little cheeks!

 And of course a pillowcase to go with it! I am really learning to love cheddar!!!

 My DH keeps the yard so nice. I wish I kept the house as nice. But then I would not get very much sewing done. Guess that is the trade off.
(Unless I can get him to do the housework and cooking too)



regan said...

I think it's a great tradeoff.....who cares what the house looks have quilts to sew! lol And yeah for cheddar! :o)

Janet O. said...

Love those little 9-patches! I know what you mean about certain fabric pairings. Some just seem "right".
Cute frog quilt. Wish I was as productive!

Vic in NH said...

Your great grandson will remember you as a quilter, not a vacuum-er. Isn't that better?
And I love your pretty 9-patches!