Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Civil War quilt has reached the flimsy stage

WOW! I am so very pleased with this quilt. I think I have had a taste of the satisfaction Our Bonnie Hunter ( http://www.quiltville.com) has when she designs a quilt.
This is not a very complicated design.
It is a traditional setting and layout.
But it is all mine for now!!!!
Setting out just loving the process of making the 3 1/2" 9-patches. No goal in mind except I wanted to make the quilt larger than the pattern called for. Then I totally discarded the pattern and the quilt took on a life of it's own.

It is only 42" X 46". It seems small for the amount of sewing time it took to assemble the rows. That process used to be the least favorite part of quilt making for me. But this project has kept my focus and I also managed to make 5 more Cheddar 3 1/2" Bow Tie blocks as the Leaders & Enders.

I really like how even though I did not use all Civil War fabrics, they still play well together. I was picking the colors not the fabric type.

See the pink and blue block in the center?
The fabric scraps were gifted to me by a fellow guild member.
I cut out her Mystery quilt for her and she gifted me with the fabric scraps!!!
She understands my scrappy heart.
Thanks Ellen!!!!!

And here are five (5) more Cheddar Bow Tie blocks. So far the basket seems endless and it will remain my L&E basket for some time to come.


Kate said...

That quilt sparkles - it's so gorgeous!

Janet O. said...

Nine-patch never lets you down!