Monday, March 12, 2012

Surprise Inklingo gift!

There was a package in my mailbox today that I did not expect. A gift from Linda Franz the talented inventor of the Inklingo system.
Linda sent me a printed sheet of lovely lavender fabric and a lavender ring pincushion!!!! 
Too cute!!! 
Too cool!!!!!
Much appreciated!!!!

I remember when I bought the programs. Her Husband said he loved customers like me. HA! I wanted it all!!!!!!!

And try as I might I cannot seem to get the link to her website and blog listed on my sidebar. I will continue to work on it. Sometimes it works so easy! (I managed to get Randy's "Sow-a-long" with no problem) Just a right click and a paste!

I did manage to get Linda's blog listed on the sidebar as a daily read.

I do have this software and it is easy to work with. Just some fabric prep and you need to know your printer's limitations. My old HP handled it just fine. This Lexmark has a few issues. Things change...



regan said...

I, too, received a sweet little box from Linda today! Isn't she awesome! And I am going to have to give the Inklingo another try. I was totally frustrated with it when I tried it months ago. Somehow I kept getting caught in a loop, and never could get to the 'print' part. Maybe I just need to sit down quietly and re-read the instructions. Hmmmmm! What a concept, huh? lol

Janet O. said...

Fun surprise! I LOVE that lavender fabric!!

GittaS said...

A beautiful material that was intended a surprise.
Greetings Gitta