Friday, March 9, 2012

From the leftovers come another quilt!!!!!

I finished the guild's Mystery quilt. When doing that tricky pieced border I ended up with some really nice units that were too nice to throw away.
I also harvested some from the end of the mitered border strips to end up with enough to make these 4 blocks below:

 I added some sashings and corner stones and now have a 38" little topper that I am sure the kitties will enjoy snuggling on. I am sure they will because they helped put it all together during the sewing process. HA!
Another reason I made this is I was wanting to use up the backing I had pieced for the first quilt. This little one will take up the leftover backing with almost no waste!!!

The leftover borders pieces are in the left top pile. I just added some more little pieces and had a lot of fun not knowing what I was making or how it would finish.

 Voila' a nice little block. Made three more and I now have the topper done.

My birthday is tomorrow. My Secret Quilting Sister gave me my present at the last guild meeting. Everyone knows how I love neutrals. I actually do not have any of these fabrics already! Too cool! And check out those kitty scissors!!! Too cute!

I am so blessed with great quilting friends to help me celebrate my birthday! My only complaint this year is the time change falls on Saturday evening. Bummer! I do not like the Savings Time method of keeping time. It is a pain! Messes with my internal clock and the kitties' clock too. They are soooooo predictable.
 Above is my sweet Bess. 
She loves to eat thread and sometimes there are needles attached. 
I have learned my lesson but she has not even after a $$$$$ abdominal surgery to remove two quilting needles w/ threads still attached!!!

And MaggieMae is so overdue for a haircut.
She is a tiny kitty but looks so big with all that fur attached!!!


Janet O. said...

Beautiful little quilt!! I love it. Nice way to use up the leftovers.
Happy Birthday! Hope you have fun plans!
I love furry kitties, but my allergies don't. : (

Vic in NH said...

Happy Birthday, Subee!

Sarah said...

Great use of leftovers. I hadn't quote realized how very pretty those fabrics were until this photo.

Happy Birthday - you had a very thoughtful secret sis.

GittaS said...

your blocks are great
but your cat ...... I love cats
Many greetings Gitta.

regan said...

Great little quilt from the leftovers! Sweet!

regan said...

Eeek! Forgot to say "Have a Happy Birthday!" Hope you get to do all the things you love!

pcflamingo said...

Great use of leftovers! Are you the child or grand-child of a depression era mom or grandmother? My mom was raised during the depression and I find it hard to throw anything away! I have to hide my pincushion from my cat or he pulls the pins out with his teeth. I'm deathly afraid he will eat one. Hope you have a very happy birthday with NO cat-related drama!

Helen in the UK said...

Happy Birthday :)

Kim said...

Happy birthday!
that is a sweet little table topper and the colors are just right.....I'm a huge fan of pink and brown.

Happy Sewing

merrily row said...

Happy belated birthday. Hope it was wonderful. That is very creative to come up with an accompanying quilt to your other one.