Sunday, March 18, 2012

T-Shirt Quilt & how do I clean my iron????????

There was an unexpected result from all the ironing on of interfacing. I used three pressing cloths. The interfacing NEVER touched the iron. The t-shirts and their respective designs were never touched by the iron.

Is this iron/minerals from my water????? I have never had this happen before. I have been ironing since I was a child and I am now 62. Guess there is a first time for everything. This is a $$$ Rowenta Iron. It has a stainless steel plate. So what happened????
Maybe the more important question is: How do I remove this?
I tried running the iron over a dryer sheet. It smelled good but nothing happened.

Sarah Martin had the tip that worked for me and my poor iron!! See below!!

I wrote back to her:
It came off with the white vinegar!
You are fantastic!
I am thinking there must have been starch on the muslin pieces I was using as pressing cloths. They were cut offs from backings. I did not use any starch today but it must have been on the pressing cloths.
You are one fantastic lady!
Thanks so very much.
I owe you something for that great tip.

 I bought a 40 yard bolt of Pellon 911FF interfacing. I used a 50% off coupon and with free shipping the entire bolt cost less than buying 20 yards at retail price at Joann' I am so glad I did buy the whole bolt because I used gobs of it making these t-shirt squares stable. And the bolt end said no pre-shrinking needed. And it was right. I did do some research on the internet and some have had wrinkle issues with using this technique'. I did a sample and it does not ripple, shrink or distort. WHOOHOOO!! So I pressed away and have a great size stack of t-shirt squares.

 I stabilized some blank squares to add some embroidery if I need more units to make whatever quilt size this is going to end up being. Right now I do not know.

These shirts belonged to my former son-in-law who passed away last year. He was a Police Detective and a  great father to my Grand daughter Arika. It was very hard to cut in to his shirts. But it was also a labor of love and respect. This quilt will be much loved no matter how it turns out.

 Yesterday I had some retail therapy. I attended a Gathering of Quilters. The speaker was Edyta Sitar owner and co-founder of Laundry Basket Quilts. All I can say about her is WOW! She uses all the colors I love. And has some great books and fabric for sale.
I can feel the urges of becoming a fan of hers as I am of Our Bonnie Hunter. But I do not know if I can afford to be in love with two quilt designers at the same time. HA!

 I bought this quilt kit for GD Zoey. She loves purple and loves cats. Her BD is late in November so I have plenty of time. And she also has this LOVE of Minkee. I found a pre-cut hunk of purple Minkee and bought that too! And the wooden sign that says "Quilting Queen".

 I did not need but had to have this group of fabrics. Brownish/pinkish gorgeous fabrics with a pattern called Radiant.
I left the quilt show after I could no comfortably longer carry everything I had bought.
HA! Time to go home!

 And some more pink and gray fabrics that I did not own...what can I say?
And some Civil War fabrics. After Edyta's lecture I was on a tan/brown high and had to get some fabrics. She mixes batiks with regular cottons. The same as I do. They do play well together.

I also bought this quilt kit for newest GG child due in September. BUT...the panel was NOT in the kit! ARGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!! I did call the seller after I got home and was touching all my purchases but had to leave a voice mail. Darn it! I guess I should have looked through the sealed bag before I left. But who woulda' thunk???? It may be a blessing in design. But dog gone it!!!!!



Sarah Martin said...

You know what, that is burnt starch on your iron. Comes right off with a bit of white vinegar on a rag or paper towel!

SubeeSews said...

It worked. All it took was some elbow grease!!!
Thanks so much. The internet is so FANTASTIC!!!!

regan said...

Great tip on cleaning the iron plate! Thanks! And boy did you ever get some great stuff at the quilt show! Yay!

Janet O. said...

Way to go, Sarah!
Looks like that will be a very treasured t-shirt quilt. Good of you to do that.
Glad you had some good, effective retail therapy. I love all of those fabrics--wonderful stuff!
No man can serve two masters and no woman can love two quilting icons. I know I've read that somewhere! : )

Michelle said...

Gorgeous fabric purchases.
I'm glad you saved your iron...

Paula TheQuilter said...

Glad you got the iron clean. I was going to suggest a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I do a lot of applique prep work and my iron and mini iron get gunked up with liquid thread and glue stick. Mr. Clean to the rescue. I wet the eraser and the wipe down the sole plate of the cold iron. It even works on a teflon soleplate.

Debra said...

How lucky you are to have seen Edyta Sitar, I saw her on an episode of The Quilt Show online and she was very inspiring. I ordered 2 of her books and they are full of lovely quilts. I think it is one of their free episodes you can watch if you're interested. I'm also a big Bonnie Hunter fan I'm sure she doesn't mind sharing her admirers!