Monday, May 18, 2009

Country Lanes by Kaye England

Here is a quick shot of two of my GFG blocks. I have more done. I just did not have them up on the wall when I took this pic.
Have any of you ever made a quilt to go with the backing? Well that is what I have done. The quilt is 54" square and I have 4 yards of the backing fabric. Seems to me it is a perfect match. There is enough backing to allow me to add a small border. I plan on using the new Quilters' Dream silk batting for this quilt. It is staying home with me!

73 of these small (3 1/2") 9-patches were leftovers from my Double Delight quilt designed by Bonnie Hunter. I had to make 100 9-patches with an extra light square and 60 with all light corners.
I started this quilt on April 18th. Then put it away for a month. I got the box out on Saturday, since we were having a cool rainy day, and made a big batch of homemade chicken and noodles and sewed away.

Here it is on the wall. As I said, it is 54" square. Someday I am getting a larger design wall. One I can actually walk up to instead of climbing a ladder and leaning across a desk.

And to add another kitty picture to this new post, here is Baby laying on my bed. She warms up my spot before I get there.
Hubby and I really like the Batik Virginia Star quilt made with wool batting. It is lightweight yet warm. I know I will be making many more quilts with the Quilters' Dream wool blend batting.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Current projects: GFG, Daisy Chain & 9-patches

I have fallen in love with English Paper Piecing. I hope this does not stop me from doing any hand quilting. I am sure the "newness" will wear off but for now I pick it up at any spare moment.
I started this at my retreat. I did not use strip piecing. I used 2" squares of batiks. This could have been a "Leader/ender" project but I did not do it that way. This was stitched on my 1938 square at a time. It is now 65" square and is just needing a border.

I made another black/white 9-patch for my daughter's birthday She loves Oriental fabric and I used it for the border and for the backing. It turned out beautiful. I quilted it on my DSM.

Here is my Precious Pearl sleeping near the sewing machine. She looks as if she is praying. I hope she is praying for me. Somehow I have hurt my back. Until yesterday I was not able to walk without a cane/walker. I started PT and my mobility has improved but the pain level is still near a TEN! I fear it is more that a pinched nerve...feels more like a blown disc. I see the back doctor again next week.

Great weather for ducks

I live in a small housing addition. We are not smack dab in a big city but we are also not out in the country either. We have had these ducks hanging around for the last month. They peck at the birdseed that spills when the squirrels take seed from the bridfeeder. Now we are wondering where the nest is? What say you animal experts?