Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Bella's growth and quilts.

Our Bella is a jumper. She is still working on the landings and tracking the object she is jumping for. Hubby gets this dangly toy inches from the ceiling and she manages to touch it and lower it as she falls back.

 We are so glad she is recovered from her spay surgery. She came home the afternoon of the surgery a bit groggy but otherwise fine. Thirsty and hungry we were relieved when she used the litterbox and then took a long nap.

A few days later we noticed a large lump on her belly near the incision that was completely healed. It was the weekend and she did not seem to be in any pain. We decided to wait for a weekday.

I called the vet on Monday and they asked us to send a photo of the lump. And here it is. They called us back and asked us to come first thing on Tuesday morning. Hubby had to be somewhere so I took Bella and he met me in their parking lot. As we were walking in his phone rang and they were looking for us. It was only 8:15! Hubby says we are in the parking lot and they rushed us back to a room. Vet examined her and said he needed to knock her out and work on it. It could be a hernia or just fluid but he needed her to be out to work on it. And that she was under warranty and there would be no charge.

So we left her there and drove home. The vet called hubby on the drive home and said it was all fluid but she would be out until later in the day. And as of today there is no sign of that old lump coming back. They even called a week later asking about her condition. I sure do love this vet. They are pricey but oh so worth it.

Bella loves my sewing machine. No, she loves me and the sewing machine is just in the way. She plays and tumbles with Lucky. But needs to be in the same room with me.

I still see no signs that she is a Balinese. Her fur is short and her tail is striped. I see no reason they would want to have kept her as a breeding female except for her loving personality. I mean she is a real easy going kitty. Very loving, nothing scares her except for the vacuum cleaner.

My daughter #2 gave me this fur lap cover and Bella has claimed it as hers. She sure looks beautiful when she is on it.

A shaded 9-patch that was my Leader & Ender as I worked on a few Tumbler quilt tops. Yes I said a few Tumbler tops. The date on my container was 2008 and it was full of tumblers sewn into 3's and also 30 rows sewn. (18 patches)
I had 2 templates made back then for a 4" tumbler and a 2" tumbler. This is one of the three 4" tops.

There are certain perks that come with being OCD. Containers stacked to the ceiling of projects and all are labeled. I have not sewn the 2" ones together as I can see them as marching around in a border of the three Tumbler quilts that I am working on.

So sorry I have been lax about posting. I can only blame Facebook!!!!