Tuesday, June 10, 2014

James' and my loss of a great companion.

It seems like only a couple years ago (not eleven) when we brought Our Macy Gray home.
She talked to us the whole way home. She was not upset just very vocal. And she stayed that way. We could always count on Macy to talk to us. She understood human talk. She could even spell. We tried to understand cat talk and I think my husband and I understood her very well.

She was a Tortie Point Oriental Shorthair. She was the Alpha cat in our home from nearly day one.

She was always a shoulder kitty even though she weighed 12 pounds!!!

And she started off so tiny. This picture was taken the first night home.
She was twelve weeks old.

This is a photo of her mother, Abby. They looked so much alike.

If you have made it this far into my post then you have read that I used the past tense in referring to Macy.
We lost her yesterday. She was only eleven. We had hoped for at least 20 years with this wonderful cat.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Laura's Birthday Quilt

My last post was in February??? What happened in my life?  I cannot explain except I guess I needed the solitude.

This is Daughter #2's birthday quilt. She wanted mushrooms and loves black and white graphic quilts. this is Bonnie Hunter's Strip Twist a free pattern on her website. ( www.quiltville.com )

Also during this trying physical and mental time my family doctor is retiring! He graduated one year ahead of me and I have been his patient since day one. I cannot blame him for retiring but golly gee...
I had promised him a quilt before I die. And with him retiring put this quilt on the fast track. Needless to say he was very surprised. I waited until the end of my appointment to give him the quilt. I also gave the head nurse a quilt. She moved on to a supervisory position in the office.

I bought this as a kit at a quilt show. Loved the colors!!!

Crochet on the internet and Maggie helping. She loves to snag her tail in my hook...grrrr.... and I ate that solid chocolate bunny in two days.

I had to have this gizmo after seeing it on April Lauer's Facebook post.  After finding it on Ebay and winning it I was so pleased. But my room is way too small for this little beauty. I cannot find a place to place it. And I wanted it soooo bad. I paid $40 for it plus $12.95 shipping. Any takers????

My usual quilting helpers...
don't you know black fabric and white cat hairs...goody!

My Lucky Lucy at a calm moment. These do not happen very often. Actually she has stolen my seat and is defying me to take it back.

I have been crocheting up a storm and not much quilting. I will get some finished photos for those of you who care!!!