Thursday, September 29, 2011

Smith Mountain Morning -all done!

Well...all done but the quilting. I am in awe of how easily this went together.
Bonnie Hunter's patterns all seem to have lots of pieces. Yet, they all fit together flawlessly!
Here it is on my familyroom floor:
 And here it is on my queen size bed.
Those rust fabrics still scream out at me but they are like a cheery on a sundae per one of my commentors.
So true...
 And I am still working on a mystery quilt from Quilt World on Facebook. I decided that since I unearthed all those batiks that I need to use them. It is rainy and cool here in Indiana. A perfect day for sewing. A better day for hand quilting but Pearl has taken over the recliner for now.
 I threw them all up on the design wall. What a difference from what was on there all last week. I bounce between styles of quilts. I like them all!!!!!
Not sewn yet and I still have more blocks to make. My OCD of "matchie-matchie" is terribly challenged with this quilt. I just have to pick up a random HST and use it. Only rule is none of the same fabrics in a block. So far it has worked for me.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Random Act of Kindness

Quilters are the most generous and kind people in the whole world.
Thanks Quilter Jeanne!!!!!!!
I was the recipient of the most unexpected gift. This came from California from Quilter Jeanne who is a member of Quiltville but did not join in the swap. Her timing was perfect and I was able to add some of my new fabric to the last blocks I was working on.
I plan on framing the Diane Phalen card. It is soooo beautiful. The title is "AMISH SPRING". And we have many Amish living close here. Even the big stores here have places for the buggies to park. I envy them their simple lives but I still really like having electricity.
 I have all my blocks made. My design wall is not big enough to hold the entire quilt. I am so totally in love with this quilt and the color scheme. Bonnie Hunter totally rocks!!!!!!
That one piece of rust fabric still shouts out to me but I am going to leave it in. That is what Our Bonnie would do!!!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Leader and Ender cutting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the EZ rulers. I have ALL of them. (of course!) I think it was Bonnie Hunter who showed this little cutting trick to avoid throwing away a perfectly good slice of fabric. When I use the Companion Angle ruler I prep the strip by using the Easy Angle ruler to make the first cut. That way I have a perfectly useable HST and the angle is all set up for the Companion Angle. I was cutting my QST for Smith Mountain Morning I was also cutting my HST for Jamestown Landing. Too cool...Leader and Ender cutting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I have all my Brown Stars done for Smith Montain Morning.
 And I worked most of the day (plus doing LOADS of laundry) and have my QST all done for Smith Mountain Morning. Did I tell you I love the Easy Angle rulers? All the units went together so smoothly. They are all the same size and I love the blue/brown combination. Thanks again to all the Yahoo Swappers.
Without them I would never have this great variation of fabrics in this and future quilts!
 Aren't they precious? Another little tip...I always make a few more of whatever I am working on. That way I do have some leeway if I do not like a certain color combination. Like that rust color...I am not sure it plays nice. We will see when I get closer to final assembly.
And check out my nice new, clean and smooth ironing board cover.
I was able to cut all my logs today too.
 And I cut all my muslin 1 1/2" squares. I have the first brown logs on my QST's.  I will sew all the squares to the blue logs tomorow in a Mindless Sewing Marathon.
My favorite way to sew.
I do need to slip in to see my doctor to get stitches removed. I had a small surgery on my forehead. (along my hairline...boy! does Prell shampoo ever sting!)
No appointment needed to remove stitches.
 I pre-ordered another new book from another of my favorite quilt designers, Judy Martin. And it came this week and is autographed!!!!She is as friendly and easy to contact as our Bonnie. I have made several of her quilts and the pictures are posted on her website. (

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

SSM Blue stars

I left out the pinwheel centers in the Smith Mountain Morning pattern. I am ready to start the Brown Stars now. The fabrics were all from the Yahoo group Quiltvilleswap. Thanks swappers for the great fabrics!
I do not know if I am going to follow the rest of the pattern or not. I love the way the illusion of circles is there with only straight line piecing!
 Below is my Winter sewing machine set-up. I can see the birdfeeders and the street.


Monday, September 19, 2011

Smith Mountain Morning Star points

I must apologize for retreating from all of you again.
I lost my oldest cat last week (September 10th) and on top of all the other deaths this year I feel "dumped on".
Hopefully I am back and will be better everyday!
I need all of you!
 I have all the star points sewn. But only got one picture to the camera. I also have all the corners made. After all the sewing I moved my sewing machine around to face the picture window. The summer sun is just too bright for my eyes. The angle of the sun I guess. I have been so very sensitive to light for the last few months. I rarely get headaches. But now I seem to get them when I get a flash of light from a reflection outside or even from my monitor. Guess I need to get a checkup...
 The Yahoo group "quiltvilleswap" has all been returned to the swappers. A few have posted that their packages arrived today! Hurray!!!
Now I need to decide what these swappers want to swap next...any ideas?
 I made myself a new ironing board cover. I get so excited and pleased by the smallest things. I could not wait to try it out. So I had to get up after going to bed and pressed some quilt units. Aren't I silly?
 Here is Bonnie Hunter's BowTie pattern done with Kona Snow as the background. The Cheddar one is coming along fine too.
How many quilts do I have going right now?
  1. Cheddar BowTie (L&E)
  2. Kona Snow BowTie (L&E)
  3. A Face Book mystery all in Batiks (ready for assembly)
  4. Smith Mountain Morning (still assembling units)
  5. Jamestown Landing (all string blocks are made)
  6. and I need to make and gift 5 quilts in the next 2 months and what I am working on is NOT them! long do you think this 5000 yard spool of thread will last? I have been using it off and on for a year. I use it for paper-piecing. I use a 90/14 needle for PP and the thread flows through it great. It is a little coarse for my 80/12 piecing needles that I use all the time.

Memories...this was made for our Camp Mack retreat 2 years ago by Teri F. Our Bonnie Hunter was attending and teaching. What great memories...
 My oldest (and newly rediscovered) friend Victoria has in her possession a Crazy Quilt with the date of 1752. She calls it her "Susie Quilt". The fabrics are all very fragile. She is hoping to sell it.
Any ideas on what she should ask? It is a large twin size. There are no bad smells. But it is fragile.

Victoria's hand...a very talented hand too!