Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pineapple progress & freehand Baptist Fan project is finished!

Here are 36 of the 48 blocks I have prepared.
I have them on the design wall to admire. I cannot believe how small the scraps are that I am using. I am really taking a trip down memory lane with these little pieces.

I made all the blocks up to round #24. Those rounds took the smallest pieces and seemed to take more time to sew. I am not sure if this was smart or not. As I finished the blocks I generated more tiny scraps that would fit to make more blocks.
It seems never ending!
This is the mess I made as I was sewing.
What you cannot see are the large plastic containers on the floor.
I am so glad I have an understanding hubby. 

I am done with the Freehand Baptist Fans. I am sad it is finished. This was such a liberating way to quilt. No marking at all. You do need to have the quilt well basted since you work from the outside in. These blocks are from an exchange I was in. They are called Buckeye Beauty blocks.
Here is a close-up of my quilting.
Thanks Bonnie (
My daughter bought me this grass. I so love the grasses when they get big and sway in the wind. I sure hope it lives for me. 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pineapple blocks are addicting!

Wish me luck...tomorrow is my first guild meeting as the President.
Why oh why do I do these things to myself?????

I know it does not look like much. There are 12 pineapple blocks here.
I need to make lots more.
That is ok as I do like paper piecing. But it sure makes a mess.
I paw through my scraps to find the perfect color...I know I am a control freak. But the memories of these itty bitty pieces of fabrics are so great.
The scraps seem to multiply as I go through them!! I did sort out my "strings" from the scrap pieces. I have three big Ziplock bags (gallon size) full of just strings!!!!!
I was only going to make 4 blocks...then decided to make 12 now I want to make lots more!!!!!!!! So yes, they are addicting.
I joined a swap at another blog. I made 78 6 1/2" 9-patches and 50 3 1/2" 9- patches for the swap. These are my leftovers and every single piece made it into my pineapple blocks. Except for what is in that little bowl. I do not save those little pieces of trimmings.
And I really like the Superior thread So Fine. It really fills up a bobbin!!

These are my blocks for the Twilight swap over at Block_Swappers on Yahoo. The only colors allowed are gray/white/red/black. This is the second swap of this type I have been in from that group. I have been swapping with this group in other ways for YEARS!
I love swapping even more now that I am a scrappy quilter.
It took me three solid days of piecing to make those 128 9-patches. I mean 8+ hours a day! but I was happy to help this swapper out. She had someone back out at the last minute and I was able to fill in.