Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2 Carolina Christmas quilts done!

MaggieMae went for her first "formal" bath and grooming. She just smells great! And when she walks her fur billows with furls and curls. She is such a sweet kittie. She was made for petting. In fact she cannot have me out of her sight. She is like a quiet doggie. Always following to keep me within the petting zone. If I move around too much, she will lie in the hallway and watch each room!
I decided to use up all the blocks I had made. As usual I overdid it but was blessed to be able to get two (2) 60X80 quilts from this mystery. I have only one Christmas Star block left.
It was fate that made me use them all up. I made twice as much sashings as I needed. Duh! I was counting each block instead of each row. Sooooooo....I have two huge quilts now.

Almost too big to get a photo of them!
I cannot thank Bonnie Hunter ( enough for offering us this great mystery. I was never bored with the clues. In fact I was VERY behind some of the other quilters. But did manage to catch up.
I am thinking about making a third one all in scrappy mode.
All gifts are wrapped and am waiting to hear from dear daughter as to the time we will be getting together tomorrow.
Happy holidays to all of you!

Monday, December 21, 2009

one Carolina Christmas done!

Hot off the machine and ironing board...I added sashing all around. I think a gray border fabric and then will call it done.
I do not know if I will do the same effect to the second quilt. I really liked it all touching and not sashed. Will see tomorrow if I get the second one done.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bonnie Hunter's Carolina Christmas progress

Love it! Love it! Love it!
Can you tell I am excited?
All the pain and time are SOOOOOOOO worth this design. I say pain because I actually developed a blister from pressing all the seams on the backs of the Pointsetta Star blocks.
I showed it to DH and he could not believe the size of the blister. The time is of no importance as I love sewing. You all understand??? Right?
Here is a closeup. I planned (hoped) I'd have enough blocks to make two quilts for my two March birthday grand daughters. And I do have enough! I had even made two sets of clue#3 by accident. So I have another whole 48 Pointsetta Star blocks in red!
I may alternate them in the setting. But first I want to see Bonnie's pieced border option.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bonnie Hunter's Carolina Christmas and waste triangles

Yes, those little triangle tips are going into the jar. There is a nice dark line in the jar now. These EXTRAS will finish at 1 1/2". Love those two little dots on that top patch. They look like dominoes.
Here is my Clue#3. They are all pressed and ready for the next step. I have been sewing all day and am halfway through Clue#4. I must have wrenched my back shoveling snow yesterday. I cannot sit at the machine too long. Bummer!

I am loving sewing on this fabric combination!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Obsessive compulsive saver

Yes, as I posted in the Quiltvillechat group, I do save my teeny tiny triangle trimmings in an old mason jar with a doily on top.
What can I say????????

Smokey Mountain Stars is now bordered and step#2 in CC mystery

I know...the quilt is sideways. But what is a girl to do when she made her design wall she was making smaller quilts????? It did it's duty for years. Now I want to make it the entire wall.
Poor hubby!
Anyway, the borders are on. I shopped my stash again this morning. The final border is a pale pink with darker pink polkadots. I do not even remember what I made from this but it was cut on the lengthwise and was perfect for a border. I prefer lengthwise fabric cuts for borders as there is much less stretch than a widthwise cut. And I did not have to piece it. Guess it was made to be!
And I thought of Bonnie as I was deciding on fabric. "Use it up girl" I heard her whisper in my ear. Yes m'am I say!

And here is my step#2 on the Carolina Christmas Mystery quilt being run by Our Bonnie!