Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another cat quilt!

Like I need another cat quilt. I made two of these just for good measure.
One to keep and one to donate to the Local Linus group.

This is my baby named Baby. Honest, she started out life very, very small. She now tips the scale at 22#'s and always sleeps on my sewing chair like this. When I am in the chair she kisses me and kinda gives me a backrub.

I replaced my ironing board cover. This one really works great!

Postage Stamp Swap all done!

If there is anyone out there in Blogland who wants to join the Yahoo Group to swap 1 1/2" squares just let me know or go join on your own.

We are planning another swap due September 15 of this year.
Here I am at the very beginning of sorting out the swap. I soon realized that I wanted each swapper to have their very own plastic container.
This seemed to me the best way to not get confused.
So..................I went through all my empty and almost empty containers. Each of the 25 swappers has their very own container. Mailing back envelope under each basket and each package has been counted to make sure that we (I) each start with the correct amount of squares.
I felt like Elenore Burns throwing her strips over her shoulder. Only my item was used shipping envelopes. Now let me tell you....the cats loved this pile to play in! but it may be because I sternly warned each of them to stay off the table.
ALL DONE! I just need to seal the envelopes and get them to the post office.
I will do that task tomorrow. I need to rest up!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pink Baby Afghan FOR SALE!

I have finally bit the bullet and listed one of my creations on E-Bay.

Here's the link to the baby afghan on E-Bay: CLICK HERE

Subee's Baby Afghan on E-Bay I made this same pattern in blue for my newest great grandson. I loved making it soooo much that I had to make a pink one. I kept asking myself why as I was making it. It has over 2000 yards of yarn in it and a month of crocheting.

The little "popcorns" are to die for. Even I like to touch them. So I am sure a baby would really love exploring this afghan.
It measures 38X40 unstretched.
I got so many positive comments on it as I sat in waiting rooms working on it. Especially at the Vet's office...must be a lot of craft lovers there!

I love pink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

I am #1 in 4-patch swap!!!!

At Bingo Bonnie's blogspot I was the first swapper to mail to her. You can see her post here:
She was happy with how I packed the envelope but all I did was follow her clear instructions!
It really did not take much time at all to make 200 sets of 10 four-patches....all scrappy of course.
The hard part will be deciding which of Bonnie Hunter's patterns to use these in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Double Pinwheel quilt

After intensive scrap therapy via Bonnie Hunter, I no longer enjoy "same" fabric quilts. And after all this work I ended up one lousy block short!
My hand quilting project (a pink Smokey Mountain Star) I set up on top of the recliner to keep cat hair off the quilt....Bess found it!

Macy and MaggieMae. Macy is a heat seeker. This is the first time I have seen her ease up and lie down with another of my cats. She bites them so the other cats are very cautious around her.

Since her "hair cut" MaggieMae loves warm soft places. She was my kitty who slept on hard surfaces. I got up from reading and when I returned she had stolen my spot! She does the same thing to hubbie's computer chair. He has sat on her twice now!

She is so content here. And the haircut seems to have freed the kitten in her.

Positive and negative blocks for AnnaMarie's BD quilt.

I decided to make the larger blocks. The smaller ones will be for the borders.